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Reminders just have to post reminders of how far you have come. 134 pounds down, only 35 pounds to loose. Do you know what having only 35 pounds to loose feels like? It feels normal. I remember when I first started this weight loss journey knowing I had so much weight to loose. It seemed impossible and unreachable. Here are some of my reminders. 

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Last day of vacation!!

Vacation has been so much fun. I had a great time with family and friends.
I even got a run in with my husband, and you can see how he felt about it. Haha!imy daughter and my son were able to be with me as well.  
I can't wait to get home though and hit the gym full force. I wish I could take my two big kids home with me but that's just not can happen this time. They have school on Monday.
She is so beautiful. My sweet Victoria!!
And my son Matt, I love them both. Look how tall they are?? 
I will update soon when I'm back home!! 

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Meeting with the Nutritionist!

My email is:

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Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever make it to my goal weight. Then I remember how far I've come. 

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128 pounds down, 41 pounds to go...

I just can't wait to reach my goal. If you think it's impossible than just look at me. I'm just an ordinary girl who got sick of being sick and tired. I took my life in my hands and said "enough is enough!" I'm so glad I did. I was a size 28 and now I'm a 13/14.  
Here was lunch today. I'm trying so hard to try new things. This was delicious. And only 385 calories. 
It's two slices of Ezekial bread. Inside is a slice of eggplant fried in a pan with non stick cooking spray. I threw in some sliced mushrooms and fried them as well. I smashed a quarter cup of garbanzo beens in a bowl and mixed it with one serving of trader joes low fat celantro dressing and spread it over the bread. I used one serving of trader joes pub cheese on the other side and that was it. It was so wonderful. Here is the pub cheese and dressing. You all should try it. So delicious!! 

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TWELVE 10 pound bags of sugar and size 26 Jeans!!

In this vlog(below) I try on a pair of size 26 Jeans. That is the size I wore after I had Tyrus (my fifth baby.)
Its crazy how far Ive come.
If you click HERE you can go back and see how excited I was when I went from a size 26 to a size 24. 

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Oct 7th! ALL about RUNNING!!

My weight loss video is below! Thank you so much for watching and supporting me. I love you all for it.
If you are interested I am in the process of telling a very personal story about my life. Im on part two of who knows how many parts. The link to my other blog is here. Drop over there if you are intersted. Click on the link here or below!

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Busy Saturday but on plan!!

What a busy busy day!! Absolutely no time to make a video. I'm extremely proud of myself. Last night did end up being my cheat night. I had chocolate vodka and pizza and boneless chicken wings. I had a great time. Today we had game night with friends and family and I stayed completely on plan. I am determined to only have one cheat day per week. So far so good!!
I'm feeling good about myself and my decisions so far this weekend. I didn't weigh myself but I think I will in the morning!! My IPhone says I'm at 10,213 steps for the day. I think that's pretty good. For my exercise today we took a long walk. That felt good since I didn't go to the gym. I'm off to bed. 
See all you wonderful people tomorrow!!

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Our wonderful Saturday!

Wait for it...

Awesome video coming tonight!! Wait for it.......

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New pictures

It was high time I change my pictures. Check out my header. 
Thank you so much Kelsey. You can find her button right here on my blog. It reads "Created by Kelsey. "

Phase 3 Day 17! One of my favorite things.....

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My Fitness Pal!

If anyone wants to be my weight loss buddy follow the directions below. 

Download the free app on your phone called "MyFitnessPal" and search for me under my name "Rebekah Bancroft. " I have made my food journals public so that everything I eat you all can see. I would love to have some new ideas and recipes. If you join make your food journals public so I can get ideas. 
Here is what the app looks like. 

It's a wonderful app. And it's free. 
Hope to see you there. 

Side note to birthmothertalks. I can't find you on myfitnesspal. What is your name on there? 

Phase 3 Day 1! Omnitrition!

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Phase 2 Day 19! Do you ever feel.....

I woke up this morning excited as always to weigh in and.......again only .4 ounces lost.
I think I'm just the .4 oz girl. I got disappointed and felt a little down expecting BIG numbers lost. I am now only .6 oz from loosing 20 pounds on this program. SO FRUSTRATING!!!
So to combat my frustration I decided to check my measurements again.
Here are my measurements just 19 days ago.

July 30th 2014
Waste: 42"
Butt: 50"
Bust: 41"
Arm: 16"

Here are todays measurments after 19 days on Omnitrition, and 19 pounds lost:

August 19th 2014
Waste: 39.5"
Butt: 48"
Bust: 40"
Arm: 14.5"

HOLY WOW!!! Thats 19 pounds in 19 days and 7 inches lost in 19 days! I really can not complain. So I keep on keeping on. I cant give up. Its hard to stay consistent but that is what it is going to take for me.

This weekend we had a birthday part for my son. He turned ten years old. I told my friend to take some pictures for me (of me) so I can put them here on my blog to document my weight loss. When I reviewed this picture I was a little taken back by the tummy roll under my boob. Ugggg! I am posting it here because it is a great reminder to me of where I want to be. 
 On another note I see pictures like this and I realize that I have come so far and I am extremely proud of myself. Not a super model by any means but I'm curvy and I like myself!!

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Phase 2 day 18!!!

Click here to go straight to Omnitrition!If you want to take the challenge...make sure you contact me so I can tell you what you will need as you do NOT need everything on the site.

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Phase 2 Day 15!

Please go and like my facebook page!!! Be part of the fun!!

My omnitrition web site if anyone wants to do the program with me I am A consultant now. I would love to finish my journey with you. Dont purchase anything without contacting me first. You can email me at

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Phase 2 Day 14. Omnitrition!


My other blog

Good morning!!!! Its a great day!!
I will post on my Omnitrition later today but I wanted to let those who don't know about my other blog. This blog is for my weight loss and my other blog is for updates on my life outside of weight loss. Right now I'm doing a series on Autism and my struggles with that. You can find my other blog through the link below. Hope all of you are having a fantabulous day!!!

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Skylers story part 4(dont forget to subscribe to my channel)

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. Here is my latest video. I love knowing that I am not alone. Dont forget to subscribe to my channel because I will most likely be updating more there. I find it much easier to record a video then to type a blog.

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I started a new YouTube channel. The purpose of it is to tell the story of my autistic sons short life so far and to get help love and support from the YouTube community. It's a really hard life right now learning how to deal with his special needs and also what direction to go with his treatment. Would anyone be interested in subscribing and spreading the word about my channel? I had a hard time finding much information on exactly what to do regarding his care and I am hoping I can help others with what I have learned so far and also maybe get help from others that are farther along than me. If you are interested you can find me on YouTube under Rebekah Bancroft. I believe I have two channels but Skylers channel will have his picture on it.  Let me know if you can't find me.