Thursday, June 23, 2011

My life lately...

As of today I am still at 212. Holy SHMIKEY!!! I'm almost under the 200 mark. This is unbelievable.

Unfortunately some things have to change for me. I think I got a little comfortable and the weight loss was just coming off so so slowly. Ive only lost ten pounds since April 1st, which is silly. I could loose it so much faster.

A friend of mine picked me up a book called "Body for Life." Years ago I had done this program (for like a week LOL). I wasn't ready to loose weight or follow anything so It didn't stick. Anyway, I'm trying to read through this book and the basics of this program is that you have to strength train. Apparently all the "Zumba" cardio I have been doing isn't really doing me that much good. Of course it has most certainly made a difference for me. Obviously Ive lost a lot of weight doing it but I have to incorporate some strength stuff. Apparently any cardio over 20 minutes is pointless (go figure). So my approach will be changing...and hopefully I will be achieving better results.

Since Summer is here Ive been trying to take advantage of the warm weather. Crazy crazy me decided to try the hardest most mind jarring hike that we have here. Its called the Manitou Incline. I thought that because I work out a lot and Ive lost so much weight that I would be fine. Let me tell you something....I was wrong!!! Let me walk you through this torturous trail....

This is what it looks like from the parking lot. Its a mile straight up. At first you think its all going to be OK...after all its just stairs right?
This is about half way up...and its also about the time i had a mental break down and felt my throat closing up. I couldn't believe I got myself into this hike. I seriously cried twice. LOL

Do you see how uneven the railroad ties are? Its like that for the entire middle part of the hike...the top and bottom of the hike are just straight up stairs. To top it off, the elevation goes up very quickly and so does your heart beat. Its actually painful to have your heart beat that much.

If you look close, the person in the blue shirt and black pants is me. I was almost to the top.
I did make it to the top by some kind of miracle. If you think you are done you are wrong though because once at the have to get down. You can go down the incline but you might slip because it is so you can go down the "Bar Trail" and if you run down it will only take you an hour. (holy cow!!!) Needless to say I was exhausted...but felt like a superhero!!!

So I did that on Saturday....and on Saturday I swore I would NEVER do it again...but Thursday rolled around (my day off) and I lost my good sense and went and tried it again. Guess what???? I did it and it was easier. Its amazing what I can make my body do!!!!

Here is me at work last week.
Here is me singing Karaoke a couple weekends ago. Its the closest thing to a body shot I have. I know I look weird. LOLI have a guy friend that said he would pay me $500 for a new wardrobe if I got down to 150 (which is my goal weight.) I'm wondering how that is going to work out. He might be waiting awhile...but its something to look forward to.

That's it for now!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny thing to remember!!

About 10 months ago I was at work (I work at a daycare center) and I was helping a class of four year olds out the door to the playground when I noticed a little girl pulling at my shirt.

"What do you need sweetie?" I asked

"Ms. Rebekah, I have a fat mommy too!!!" she responded to my question

With that she ran out the door with her class leaving me with my mouth gaping open in shock. There were two or three teachers standing around that heard every bit of it. I was so embarrassed. I know I shouldn't have been, after all she was four and kids are just naturally honest. After I thought about it, she was only comparing me to her very much loved mother so I should have been honored, but It just drove me to loose weight harder.

Kids say the darnedest things.