Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the move again...

This is so amazing to see. That's a 3.4 pound weight loss. I think I might be over the hump. I don't know how I have survived the last month without giving up. It shows me that I'm not just doing this to loose weight, but there has truly been a lifestyle change in my eating.

What did I do to start loosing weight again? Hold on to your britches because this will blow you away.....

I ATE MORE. Not only did I eat more but more frequently. While I am at work I made sure to pack lots of snacks (cheese stick, cherry tomatoes, apples, carrots) and snack snack snack. Its strange because if I dont snack and only eat my meals then I dont feel hungry and I dont loose weight but if I snack in between meals I feel SOOOO hungry and Im loosing weight again. ~~~~~CRAZY~~~~~

Sorry about the socks again. I have some serious sock matching to do.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Focusing on the face...

Its a little weird taking so many pictures of myself but there is a method to my madness. Of course I want to be able to look back and see my changes.

Today i was taking these head shots....of myself....and noticed quite a change. Although my face is shiny and my lips are white (trying out new foundations), I can finally see my pointy chin and my jaw line again. I have felt like such a turtle (you know, big body, little head) for so long that its nice to see some definition. Seriously, if you don't see a difference, then scroll all the way up and look at my header. Oh my!!! I think I'm....

seeing my skinny a little more now.
Oh and all your comments and suggestions are really helping me through this period of not seeing the scale move. I did finally loose another three ounces. LOL Im also going to posting my measurments soon again.
How are you doing?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I feel like nothing is happening. Today I weighed in at 267.8. That's not much progress. So again, I digress to compare how much weight I'm loosing monthly to help me feel better.

So, almost exactly a month ago I weighed in at 272. That's only a 4.2 pound loss last month. Is that normal? I feel like it should be coming off quicker. I realize that its certainly better to be loosing instead of gaining. The other thing that might have given me a false expectation was that the first month and a half I was taking ALI pills. They make you loose weight 50% faster then regular dieting. That makes total since.

I believe I started this whole weight loss kick on May 2nd. My starting weight at that time was 299. So as of today that's a 31.2 pound weight loss in three and a half months. That's about 8.9 pounds lost each month.


OK, I feel better now. That seems to make sense to me and gives me encouragement. My best friends doctor told her that loosing four pounds a month was healthy.

In BODY news!
-I am still waring a size 24, however depending on the pants, they are a little loose or REALLY loose and I'm forced to wash them after each ware hoping they will shrink. (22's here I come)

-I feel better about myself.

-My boobs have taken on a new shape and that scares me. I want them to deflate but I'm thinking I have ruined them forever by having five babies and gaining so much weight.

-A lady at work yesterday told me that if she had to guess my age she would guess "45." ARE YOU SERIOUS????? I'm only 34. I think she was delusional. I may be fat but I am not 45. Not that 45 is a bad age but goodness, nobody wants to age eleven years in one day. I actually want to experience all of my year at a time.

That's it for now!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

As much as it pains me...

and it does pain me to do this, but If I don't then I wont stay accountable. Since I hit the fifty pounds loss mark last week I have been feeling pretty good about myself. In fact, I felt so good that I decided it was time to start putting myself out Unfortunately I discovered that even though I feel like I am ready to date, my body isn't. The hard truth is that I am not much to look at....yet. When men see me they only see a fat lady, not what is inside. I'm not saying that to be harsh towards myself but the reality is that the first thing we look at is the outside. Now I know I am not an ugly person. I know I have a good heart and that I have a lot of love to give someone, but I don't have the whole package yet. Its been about two years since I dated, and it looks like now it will be longer unless God sends me a VERY patient and understanding man to go through this weight loss journey with me.

Ahem...(tapping foot) "God are you listening to this?"

So without further I am today before church looking as goofy as ever. In fact, I think this shirt may just be to big on me. Whats your take? I think it makes me look bigger...but I cant be sure.
And here is my and my sister two days ago. I'm on the left of course. Isn't she beautiful? I love my baby sister. So there you have it. I have once again documented my body. It makes me feel good. I hope those pants don't fit me for long.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Party food!

I got my nails done today. I thought about it and thought about it, and put it off and decided I wouldn't do it....and then decided I would do it, and then changed my mind again. Finally I threw all caution to the wind and went and got those really thick, fake looking nails on. LOL They may be fake but I feel pretty. (grin)

I went to my sisters surprise birthday party tonight. It was really fun. Everyone was to bring snacks so I brought some banana bread and chocolates and we added it to the smorgasbord of food that everyone brought. I managed to leave the party eating ten baked lays filled with a yummy salsa. The only bad part was the salsa had avocado pieces in it but apparently some avocado fat is good for me. YIPPEE!! I also ate two small hand fulls of peanuts and had two sips of lemonade. Over all, I don't think I did to bad. The banana bread and cake were SOOO tempting...but while everyone else ate cake I ate watermelon.

It was a great day!

Side note: I still have not lost weight!! Oh well!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I hate how slow weight loss is. I'm sure its my fault. I think I could be doing more to speed up the process. I'm still the same weight as before. Weird as it may sound I actually "feel" skinnier but I don't see the results on the scale. My jeans that were previously tight a couple weeks ago are not tight any more. So that's progress in itself.

I did have one of the day care kids ask me if I was going to have a baby. Nice hugh? LOL I just told her politely no and went on my way. She is only a child and is probably not used to seeing big ladies. But of course I asked someone when their baby was due a couple weeks ago and she politely told me that her baby was already a month old. OOPS!

I actually don't look pregnant right now. My boobs finally stick out farther then my belly. It wasn't to long ago that it was the opposite. I really really want to get the work out videos Zoomba. I went to an outdoor carnival type thing a few months ago and they were demonstrating it. WOW!! It looked so fun.

I have officially lost fifty pounds. The scale this morning flashed 269 and I started at 319 one year ago. Of course Ive only been real serious about loosing weight since May. So since May I have lost thirty pounds. That's just about ten pounds a month (a little less now) I have to put it into perspective like that since I feel this process is so slow. Maybe I need to get my dancing groove on and actually purchase that Zoomba. I love dancing but it has no purpose because nobody is teaching me or leading me. Maybe when I get paid next week Ill purchase it.

I would love to join a gym but it doesn't work with my schedule. I work four ten hour days and so that really puts a damper on that idea.

How is everyone else doing? Are you loosing more weight then me? I sure hope so because I'm like a turtle trying to win a race.

I love you guys. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010