Tuesday, November 29, 2011

After Thanksgiving weigh in...

Thanksgiving food was so delicious. I ate a little bit of everything on the table. I also at a quarter inch piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and really enjoyed myself. I thought for sure I would gain weight because of that but the past two mornings I am weighing in at 199. I am thrilled about that. If I can make it through the end of the year without gaining any weight then I'll be so happy. How did everyone else do?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving and eating...

I'm still sitting at 200 pounds. Actually this morning I weighed in at 200.4. I'm still struggling with getting started full time again with my weight loss. There are a lot of things that play into that, like my hours at work (no time to cook when you get home at six thirty) and a boyfriend (we talk every night after the boys go to bed and I used to exercise during that time).

My solution to those two things is in the works. I decided to ask for different hours at work and that would mean that instead of working four ten hour days and getting Thursdays off every week, instead I would work five days a week and extend my evening time with my boys and have more time to cook. The solution to my other problem (and I mentioned my boyfriend but it really has nothing to do with him) is that I used to exercise in the evening...and now I just need to get off my lazy butt in the morning and do my work outs then.

Loosing these last fifty pounds is going to really take planning on my part. Ive started night eating again (I wake up and have two pieces of diet bread with jelly on them and a small cup of milk). I know that I have not lost anymore weight because I'm eating to many calories. If I would just eat more healthy and balanced in the day then I would not wake up hungry and "think" I need to eat my jelly toast.

The good news is that over the past year and a half that Ive lost over 100 pounds, I think I have developed healthy eating habits and so it has kept me loosing (slowly) weight.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If I had my way I would completely skip this holiday. I don't eat most of the food anyway and really....eating is just not something I do for pleasure anymore. I do not plan on allowing myself any special foods. I will make an exception for a little fruit salad and possibly a small bit of mashed potatoes and gravy...but that's it....no pie for me. LOL And I don't feel bad about it...truthfully...I would feel bad if I ate it and its just not worth working extra hard the next week to get the stinking pumpkin pie off my butt.

So that is where I stand right now. Still at 200 (ugggg) and still trying to find my new motivation to get the rest of the weight off.

Until next time!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Slow going

I did not imagine that this weight loss journey would take me so dang long. In May I will be approaching the two year mark. I keep telling myself that it took fifteen years and five babies to put on all this weight, so certainly taking two years to loose it all isn't too unreasonable.....right????

I am back to feeling frustrated with how slow I'm taking the weight off. I looked back to what I weighed at the end of February (that was nine months ago) and since then I have lost about 37 pounds. If you divide that into nine months then I have lost approximately 3.7 pounds per month. According to what I have "heard," that's a healthy weight loss. After I calculated those numbers I did feel better about myself.

So here is the big news!!!! I actually broke the two hundred mark and got down to this....

But then a few days later after making some bad food choices I went up to this...
And then after some more hard work I started going back down to this.....And as of today I sit at about this weight....There are days that my weight goes up or down by a whole two to two and a half pounds. Its very frustrating and here is how I feel about that.....
This is hard work. I'm not exercising anymore. My life has changed and I seem so much more consumed with other things that I don't take time to exercise. I really really do want to change that. I know that it would help me feel better about myself and the weight would come off easier. I know I am still loosing but It doesn't seem the same. I need motivation...I need new jeans because mine are to big again(so random)....I need a fresh start. Any ideas??????

I only have fifty pounds to go. It seems so silly seeing as how I already lost the first 119..but now I find myself looking for quick fixes. I have not tried anything but I see commercials for "slimquick" and other things and I wonder if they would work or If I would just be wasting my money. I know what I am doing is working but I'm just needing a new perspective. Maybe you all could help me?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding my groove

Its been about a year and four months since I started this journey. Ive lost 116 pounds. That's really a lot to be proud of but the past two months have been harder for me. I stopped exercising....and I am so upset with myself for that. BUT....I have not gained any weight and that is purely because I did not change my eating habits. The scale continued to go down (slowly) but I started feeling fatter. Its a really weird feeling to know you weigh less but you feel all flabby. I knew it was because of my non-exercise. So tonight I had had enough. I had folded up my Total Gym about two months ago to get it out of the way but tonight I set it back up and actually worked out. I'm going to try and do a routine at least three times a week. I am basically starting from scratch so I know I will be sore tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me that was taken last week at work. I am wearing a size 1x shirt and a size 14 jeans.

Another great triumph for me is that just a week ago I was able to put on and wear comfortably my class ring. I have not been able to even squeeze it on my finger for over ten years. If you look close I have it on in the picture above. You can also see my shake cup in the background. I purchased the new "magic bullet" and absolutely love it. One of my big problems is that eating is really a hassle...so I wont eat but then I will get hungry and feel sick and weak. With the bullet I can mix a protein shake and take it to work and its really brainless food for me.

Here are my measurements as of today. I compared it to the last time I measured (in May) and I have lost about an inch every ware. Its such slow progress...but at least its progress.

Waste-41 inches


Bust-41 (I purchased and can wear a 38 D)


My weight has not changed. I teater between 202-203.8 lately. I know that when I start consistantly exercising and stop cheating here and there (darn dating) then it will fall below 200 pretty quickly.

Until next time!!!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011


six is my number. I have six pounds to go to weigh under 200 pounds. I can't believe this!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new way to skinny...

Oh Zumba how I loved thee...but I needed a break. LOL I still love Zumba but I admit I have not done it in about a month. Let me show you what I have been up to instead. Yep that's right...Chuck Norris sold me on this thing and I needed a strength training way to get the final 55-60 pounds off my body. I knew (through research) that all my Zumba cardio was not going to do it for me and so I bought this. I LOVE IT, and I'm very sore. Its truly an amazing machine. My body is becoming smaller but my skin is sagging...so I am hoping that by building some muscle it will lessen this disgusting sagging skin look that I'm starting to get.

I must admit that I had a week that I feel back a little. I still didn't cheat with deserts but I did go on a couple dates and I ate restaurant food and I went up a few pounds....but NEVER over 214. I am not back to 212 again and I'm in a 15/16 size jeans in some styles and in other styles I'm in a 13/14 size jean. I couldn't be more thrilled with that.

Like I said I did go on a few dates. I re-dated a guy that I dated back in November. We had a great date and he finally came out and told me that he really really liked me but that my weight bothered him. The funny part of the story I'm about to tell you is that me and this guy had just watched the movie "Shallow Hal" together. (keep that in mind) Anyway, he took me aside and told me that I was the perfect girl for him but that my weight bothered him. I secretly thought that he was full of it as I looked at his balding head and the fact that he is 50 pounds overweight. He then went on to tell me that he would be willing to exclusively date me as long as he and I could loose weight together. He bought me a couple cook books (for us both to share) and a weight loss book. (as If I needed his help loosing weight since I have done all this by myself the past year...SHAAAWWWW). He THEN went on to tell me that if I made it too my goal weight of 150 then he would give me $500 for a new wardrobe (I know he has money so I know he wasn't lying).

I was blown away at this guys offer of love with the stipulation that I got "SKINNY," and for an added incentive he offers me hundreds of dollars to look beautiful for him....NO DOUBT so that he could show me off to his friends like I was some sort of prize. I went along with this little game of his as I text him my weight every morning and as he text me his weight. One morning I gained .6 ounces instead of loosing and he text me a sad face. LOL My heart sunk. A girl looses weight much slower then a guy and I feel like he had no idea that six ounces was simply water weight. I then realized that this Shallow Hal was not for me. Instead of me having to break it off with him he saved me the trouble by letting me know that he went back to his old girlfriend. The funny part is...he has been texting me to see how much weight I am loosing. This guy is keeping me on the sidelines until I get skinny. LOL Ill go along with it......take his $500 dollars and kick my Shallow Hal to the curb and find me a real man. How dare he wave his big bucks around me like that. I'm so much better then that.

Ill keep you updated on Shallow Hal.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My life lately...

As of today I am still at 212. Holy SHMIKEY!!! I'm almost under the 200 mark. This is unbelievable.

Unfortunately some things have to change for me. I think I got a little comfortable and the weight loss was just coming off so so slowly. Ive only lost ten pounds since April 1st, which is silly. I could loose it so much faster.

A friend of mine picked me up a book called "Body for Life." Years ago I had done this program (for like a week LOL). I wasn't ready to loose weight or follow anything so It didn't stick. Anyway, I'm trying to read through this book and the basics of this program is that you have to strength train. Apparently all the "Zumba" cardio I have been doing isn't really doing me that much good. Of course it has most certainly made a difference for me. Obviously Ive lost a lot of weight doing it but I have to incorporate some strength stuff. Apparently any cardio over 20 minutes is pointless (go figure). So my approach will be changing...and hopefully I will be achieving better results.

Since Summer is here Ive been trying to take advantage of the warm weather. Crazy crazy me decided to try the hardest most mind jarring hike that we have here. Its called the Manitou Incline. I thought that because I work out a lot and Ive lost so much weight that I would be fine. Let me tell you something....I was wrong!!! Let me walk you through this torturous trail....

This is what it looks like from the parking lot. Its a mile straight up. At first you think its all going to be OK...after all its just stairs right?
This is about half way up...and its also about the time i had a mental break down and felt my throat closing up. I couldn't believe I got myself into this hike. I seriously cried twice. LOL

Do you see how uneven the railroad ties are? Its like that for the entire middle part of the hike...the top and bottom of the hike are just straight up stairs. To top it off, the elevation goes up very quickly and so does your heart beat. Its actually painful to have your heart beat that much.

If you look close, the person in the blue shirt and black pants is me. I was almost to the top.
I did make it to the top by some kind of miracle. If you think you are done you are wrong though because once at the top...you have to get down. You can go down the incline but you might slip because it is so steep...so you can go down the "Bar Trail" and if you run down it will only take you an hour. (holy cow!!!) Needless to say I was exhausted...but felt like a superhero!!!

So I did that on Saturday....and on Saturday I swore I would NEVER do it again...but Thursday rolled around (my day off) and I lost my good sense and went and tried it again. Guess what???? I did it and it was easier. Its amazing what I can make my body do!!!!

Here is me at work last week.
Here is me singing Karaoke a couple weekends ago. Its the closest thing to a body shot I have. I know I look weird. LOLI have a guy friend that said he would pay me $500 for a new wardrobe if I got down to 150 (which is my goal weight.) I'm wondering how that is going to work out. He might be waiting awhile...but its something to look forward to.

That's it for now!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny thing to remember!!

About 10 months ago I was at work (I work at a daycare center) and I was helping a class of four year olds out the door to the playground when I noticed a little girl pulling at my shirt.

"What do you need sweetie?" I asked

"Ms. Rebekah, I have a fat mommy too!!!" she responded to my question

With that she ran out the door with her class leaving me with my mouth gaping open in shock. There were two or three teachers standing around that heard every bit of it. I was so embarrassed. I know I shouldn't have been, after all she was four and kids are just naturally honest. After I thought about it, she was only comparing me to her very much loved mother so I should have been honored, but It just drove me to loose weight harder.

Kids say the darnedest things.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Amazingly enough I am still at it. Unfortunately I have only lost a pound in the last three weeks but there is a reason for that....

I went to see this little boy...
and his momma and daddy....
and I ate lots of food that I would NOT normally eat....
and I gained four, almost five, pounds. Amazingly I was able to drop those pounds in a few days. Im sure the most of it was water weight but It slowed down my weight loss progress. It was SOOOOO worth it. I need to blog about my trip....but I haven't had time. I promise Ill get to that on my other blog.

Remember my goal of getting into these pants before I went to Michigan?

Well it worked. The pants you see me in above are these pants. I am now wondering if I should go try on some sixteens. Its always good to have a size smaller in your closet. It motivates me and I can try them on here and there to just "see" if they fit.

I was very disappointed in my new 100 dollar Zumba videos. They are not comparable to the old ones. I am trying to embrace them but its hard. Maybe I just don't do well with change when it comes to Zumba (wink). I was gifted a video by Bob (the biggest looser trainer) and they kick my little.....I mean BIG booty. I LOVE them and want to go get more. I have never felt so sore in my life....and just from doing tons of lunges. LOL Its probably good to break up your work out anyway. I was doing Zumba ALL the time.

So another pound down. I'm excited about that. If you look close in the new pictures you can see that I have quite a few rolls around my middle still. I am pretty sure those will start disappearing even more during the next twenty pounds. I am VERY excited to get rid of my muffin top. (yucky)

I have a very personal question. Now that I have Incorporated more veggies into my diet I am suffering from a side effect that is not very (ahem) lady like.............GAS! Does anyone have any advise? I cant stop eating my veggies but I also cant be having this side effect at work. HELP ME!!!!!!!

I'm finding my skinny more and more every day!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 down 69 to go!!!

I have OFFICIALLY lost 100 pounds. That's two of my son Skyler...that's 20 five pound bags of sugar...that's about 20 five gallon jugs of milk...its as much as a small person. I'm so sad that I had all that weight on my body...but I'm so happy Ive come this far.

I tried to find the earliest scale picture that I had and it seems as though I didn't start taking pictures of the scale right away. Here is the earliest scale picture I have. I must note that on my last doctors appointment after Tyrus was born I looked at my chart and I weighed in at 319.So if my weigh in was 219 approximately two years ago (Tyrus is nearly two) then this number below would officially put me at a 100 pound loss.

Now I didn't start officially "trying" to loose weight until one year ago (May 2nd to be exact). The picture below was right around that time. Since May of last year I have lost 62.8 pounds. That's about five pounds a month which is absolutely perfect for me. I know I get very frustrated because it seems like it comes off so slowly...but patience is the key in weight loss along with persistence.

I have gone from this picture of obesity...

to this picture of health.

Its been a whirlwind of a year. Its really hard to stay consistent and loose weight. There are lots of stumbling blocks along the way...there are lots of people that tell me...."You need to stop being so obsessed with calories and just live a little." The reality for me is I had to become obsessed about my bad health to find good health. I feel kinda funny posting this because I know 100 pounds gone is a huge victory but I still have 69 to go and then I have to find a way to maintain. This will probably take me another year.

How did I do it? Again, just for those that don't know, I did it by eating 1400 calories per day and completely skipping deserts and junk food and of course exercise nearly every day. I don't think that everyone has to do this but for me it was essential for me to not treat myself with food or reward myself with food. Instead I rewarded myself with new Zumba videos or a new pair of socks or a new pair of work out pants. Food for me became necessary for survival...not pleasure.

Here are my measurements in May of last year:

My buttock: 60.5 inches (now 50.5)

My waist: 49.5 inches (now 42.5)

Upper arm: 17 inches (now 14)

Wrist: 7 inches (now same)

Calf: 22 inches (now 19.5)

Bust: 50.5 inches (now 45)

See how far Ive come? See how far I have to go? Time for more Zumba.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Good morning friends!!! I have finally lost a pound. This picture was taken a week ago so I think I might have lost a little more but I was to chicken to get on the scale this morning in case it showed a different number. I didn't want to be disappointed all day long. This is probably the hardest pound I have ever lost. It seemed to NEVER want to come off.

I sometimes (wink wink) wear different colored socks.

I am still very much enjoying my Zumba videos; however, when I visited the Zumba site the other day I discovered that they had revamped the videos and they were all new. I was so excited I almost peed my pants. I must admit, the old videos are still really fun but the thought of some new fresh ones really caught my interest.

So in order to afford these 100 dollar videos...I sold my Piccolo. My sweet piccolo that I purchased with my own money when I was a teenager. Its a great exchange though and I don't regret it. This sweet instrument went to an older Latino man who plays the flute and who I know will love it and play it way more then I ever did.

My best friend sent me this picture last night. She congratulated me at how far I had come. Look at me!!!! I look so uncomfortable. I had to post a more recent picture below this one. Things have changed dramatically. I am 4.4 pounds away from my 100 pound mark.

Here is a video of the new Zumba videos...and here is a video of Shakira's new video "Waka Waka." Its amazing and what makes me most excited is that the new Zumba videos have incorporated her Waka Waka dance into the workout. Check them out. They will get you excited!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zumba FREAK!!!!!!

It is no secret that for the past several months I have fallen in love with Zumba. It is the first time I have actually purchased a work out program and used it more then once. I went to the Zumba web site today and low and behold....they have all NEW CD's. I have been desperate for new workouts but I didnt want to stop doing Zumba. Here is the question I have. I dont go to the gym so I dont pay a membership...so do you think its a good investment to order the new CD's or would you all just use the old ones over and over and over again. LOL I kinda figure that If I was going to the gym I would have spent a whole lot more money then I have on Zumba anyway so its kinda worth it but I wanted to get your take.

Im still hanging out at 224.8. Like I stated before, I had gained weight and went all the way up to 229 so its wonderful to be back down here again.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Weight loss overnight!!

Yesterday I knew something was happening. I felt these weird sensations of my stomach caving in. I know that sounds weird but its normal for me. I can actually feel my body loosing weight. Sure enough, this morning I woke up to a HUGE weight loss.

My work out was a little later last night then usual. I didn't get done until just after ten so. Because I did it so late for some reason I was really really hungry when I went to bed and even hungrier when I woke up. I'm not sure why I was so hungry because I had a big dinner which consisted of a whole breast of BBQ chicken pees and corn and a little bit of mac and cheese. I don't usually eat mac and cheese but it looked so good so I at a heaping spoonful of it. So the extreme hunger is unexplainable to me.

Whatever my body is doing is fine with me because its working. I contribute all of it to the exercise though because I eat my grape jelly toast about twice a day. Probably I shouldn't do that but it does keep me from eating other things I shouldn't and I truly love it for some reason. (that and my chocolate coffee)

So as of today that's a 94.4 weight loss in total. I have 5.6 pounds before I hit my 100 weight loss goal. What should I do to celebrate? I really want a tattoo (a small one) but we will see if that pans out.

My Zumba videos were getting old for awhile there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I got tired of them. I decided to take a different approach on them...instead of getting board with them I decided to make them my friend. Yes I do the same videos all the time but I just let that go and decided that I HAD to do them even if I got bored of them because they work. Ive switched it up a little and about once a week instead of Zumba Ill ride the stationary bike. The other night I rode four miles which is HUGE for me.

I'm so proud of myself. I'm so close to being out of the 200's. I wonder if Ill make it into those new jeans before I go to Rebekah's house? We will see!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

What I love most right now....

Do you know what I love the most right now about loosing weight? My neck!! Weird Hugh? Let me show you why.

For years now I have seriously resembled a turtle in his shell, because you know what turtles in their shells have right? NO NECK!!!

Check it out...

Do you see any necks? NOPE!! That's because the fat took over my neck and I didn't have one.

Check it out again...

The good news is that I think enough of my fat has melted away and I once again have a neck.


Check out my neck...not my nostrils...LOL. Just kidding. This picture is a joke but It gave me a laugh.

Do you see that ring around my neck in this picture?

That ring is my class ring. I love it so much but have not been able to wear it for nearly ten years. I can actually ALMOST fit it on my ring finger. In order to inspire me to continue to do better I have it around my neck. I'm so excited to sport it again. Ill be sure to show it to all of you as soon as I can.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Challenge and measurments!

I have become a machine every day. My new lifestyle has become such a habit that I don't have to think twice about most things. Exercising is a bit of an obsession, and I do my cardio almost every night taking off about every fourth night to give my body a rest. The Zumba is now very easy for me and I find myself trying to perfect my technique to get every ounce of cardio out of my work out.

My days are very long. I wake up at five o'clock just so that I have enough time to get me and my two boys out of the house and to work by seven. I try very hard to plan my foods and bring snacks. I purchased a new George Foreman and as a result have been living the good life eating yummy lemon pepper chicken every day for lunch. If you don't have a George Foreman you NEED to get one especially if you are dieting. Its such a no brainer to put some chicken on it and WALLA, you have a healthy lunch. I work ten hours a day, get home at about six twenty, visit with the boys, feed everyone (including myself) dinner...then there is bath time...chocolate milk time for Skyler...and then bed. By the time all the boys needs are met and they are actually in bed, its about eight thirty or nine. Its then and only then that I can roll my carpet up in the living room....put on my work-out shoes....prepare my big glass of cold water...and finally Zumba for 45 minutes.

Generally at about eight o'clock I do NOT feel like doing anything even close to exercising....but I know its worth it and when I am done I will feel amazing, and I'm always right.

Our bodies really are machines. Ive been doing this weight loss thing long enough that I have figured out what works for me. After I moved almost three weeks ago I was out of my routine. I actually gained three pounds and not until today did I actually get back down to 227.4. (WHOOP WHOOP!!!) So I did waste a lot of time but I realized that the exercising puts my metabolism in some kind of hyper speed and makes me loose weight so much easier. It makes the late nights so much easier when you see results.

I posted a picture of me (taken today) up top. Down below I will post my measurements. I'm so glad I have kept track of these. Its pretty amazing to see the results of all my discipline.

I have challenged myself though. I should probably announce this on my other blog but I'm going to announce it here first. (drum roll) I am going to see Tyrus (my birth son) in May. I will share more about my excitment on my other blog. Remember how I told you about those size 17 jeans hanging in my closet? I am challenging myself to get into them by May. I dont know if I can do it. I tried them on this morning and was able to button them but they are just way to small still. I want to fit into them SOOOO bad.

Here are my measurements:

May 22nd 2010

butt: 60.5 inches
waist: 49.5 inches
Upper arm: 17 inches
Calf: 22 inches
Bust: 50.5 inches

November 3rd 2010

Upper arm/15 in
Calves/18 in
Bust/48.5 in

(Today) March 23rd 2011

upper arm 15
waste 43
butt 52
calf 18
bust 45.5

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reality check!!

Its almost midnight here. Ive been up for most of the night with my son who has the croupe. Ive wanted to blog here for a couple weeks but just have not found the time or energy.

Ive been feeling pretty good about myself. I get lots of compliments about my weight but I'm finding that these sweet comments are making me get a little to comfortable. I'm still weighing in at 228. In the past two weeks I have packed my entire house, moved and then unpacked. With all that busy business I had not exercised or eatin as well as I normally would have. So, because Ive gotten lax, I haven't lost or gained a thing. That is very frustrating to me and it makes me mad at myself. I should be thankful that I'm the same weight since Ive allowed myself to eat regular lasagna and garlic bread, crackers, Chick-fil-A, and I'm sure a few other foods I should not have eaten.

I had my son take pictures of me today. I had on my favorite pair of jeans and a shirt that I thought looked good. It blew me away when I saw the pictures. I truly think I look horrible. I know I should give myself some credit, after all, Ive lost about ninety three pounds....and....im less then ten pounds away from 100 pounds lost....but I cant seem to give myself a break. I still have seventy five pounds to go. I cant afford to get lax or become complacent. Ive started exercising again (ZUMBA!!!!) and I am trying hard to get back on plan (1400 calories per day).

In order to be true to myself and to all my readers, here are a few pictures of me.
I would love to just post this first picture because it is the only one that is half way flattering....

but I will be a big girl and hold myself accountable...

with these two extra fluffy and very unflattering pictures.

Id rather post pictures like this...because then you cant see my fluffiness. LOL

So that's me and my new body shots. I'm trying to stay positive. I have five new pairs of jeans hanging in my closet (that I LOVE) just waiting for me to squeeze my big butt into. I predict that if I can get ten to fifteen pounds down, then these cute Old Navy Jeans will fit me (they are size 17's).

I'm hoping by posting these pictures it will remind me that I cant quit. I'm hoping that these pictures remind me that I still have to keep moving forward. At the same time I am doing my best to love myself for who I am, and what I am becoming....slowly...and at a snails pace...but Ill get there.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rachel B.

This entire post is to my good friend Rachel B. We have known each other since we were teenagers and facebook brought us back together as adults.

The good news is, Rachel (who is to embarrassed to create a blog) is officially now down to a size 22. She has lost over thirty pounds...and the best part...she said that I was her inspiration. AWWWWW!!! No really, the best part is that she is super excited to be wearing a size twenty two. I am so proud of her. Rachel....you are such a looser right now (wink).

On my weight loss front. My weight still teeters between 227-228. Things are still going good.

Happy Saturday!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

220's FINALLY!

I feel skinnier just being in the 20's. Its such a milestone for me. I think my body is getting the hang of this "loosing weight" thing. It just seems to be coming off easier and quicker now. I'm not complaining. LOL
Here are my measurements when I first started...and then today.

May 22nd
My buttocks/butt/posterior: 60.5 inches
My middle/waist: 49.5 inches
Upper arm/flap/wiggly thing: 17 inches
Wrist: 7 inches
Calf/huge muscle thing/I have HUGE legs, I always have: 22 inches
Bust/boob/breast: 50.5 inches

Upper arm=14.5

Remember way back when I posted this? I waited and waited to fit into these funky "hang around the house" pants...and guess what? I fit in them now. WHOOO HOOOO!! I'm enjoying looking like I just walked out of an Old Navy commercial. I'm not sure if stripes like these make me look "skinnier" but what the hey!!! I like them and I no longer have to stare at them hanging in the closet. (patting myself on the back)

I guess thats it for today. Im posting the picture below for memories sake. Its kinda a before and NOW shot. It helps me to keep modivated. Have a happy Sunday friends!!!


Oh and my belly isnt that big, the wind was blowing my shirt out.