Tuesday, October 21, 2014

128 pounds down, 41 pounds to go...

I just can't wait to reach my goal. If you think it's impossible than just look at me. I'm just an ordinary girl who got sick of being sick and tired. I took my life in my hands and said "enough is enough!" I'm so glad I did. I was a size 28 and now I'm a 13/14.  
Here was lunch today. I'm trying so hard to try new things. This was delicious. And only 385 calories. 
It's two slices of Ezekial bread. Inside is a slice of eggplant fried in a pan with non stick cooking spray. I threw in some sliced mushrooms and fried them as well. I smashed a quarter cup of garbanzo beens in a bowl and mixed it with one serving of trader joes low fat celantro dressing and spread it over the bread. I used one serving of trader joes pub cheese on the other side and that was it. It was so wonderful. Here is the pub cheese and dressing. You all should try it. So delicious!!