Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding my groove

Its been about a year and four months since I started this journey. Ive lost 116 pounds. That's really a lot to be proud of but the past two months have been harder for me. I stopped exercising....and I am so upset with myself for that. BUT....I have not gained any weight and that is purely because I did not change my eating habits. The scale continued to go down (slowly) but I started feeling fatter. Its a really weird feeling to know you weigh less but you feel all flabby. I knew it was because of my non-exercise. So tonight I had had enough. I had folded up my Total Gym about two months ago to get it out of the way but tonight I set it back up and actually worked out. I'm going to try and do a routine at least three times a week. I am basically starting from scratch so I know I will be sore tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me that was taken last week at work. I am wearing a size 1x shirt and a size 14 jeans.

Another great triumph for me is that just a week ago I was able to put on and wear comfortably my class ring. I have not been able to even squeeze it on my finger for over ten years. If you look close I have it on in the picture above. You can also see my shake cup in the background. I purchased the new "magic bullet" and absolutely love it. One of my big problems is that eating is really a I wont eat but then I will get hungry and feel sick and weak. With the bullet I can mix a protein shake and take it to work and its really brainless food for me.

Here are my measurements as of today. I compared it to the last time I measured (in May) and I have lost about an inch every ware. Its such slow progress...but at least its progress.

Waste-41 inches


Bust-41 (I purchased and can wear a 38 D)


My weight has not changed. I teater between 202-203.8 lately. I know that when I start consistantly exercising and stop cheating here and there (darn dating) then it will fall below 200 pretty quickly.

Until next time!!!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011