Sunday, May 22, 2011


Amazingly enough I am still at it. Unfortunately I have only lost a pound in the last three weeks but there is a reason for that....

I went to see this little boy...
and his momma and daddy....
and I ate lots of food that I would NOT normally eat....
and I gained four, almost five, pounds. Amazingly I was able to drop those pounds in a few days. Im sure the most of it was water weight but It slowed down my weight loss progress. It was SOOOOO worth it. I need to blog about my trip....but I haven't had time. I promise Ill get to that on my other blog.

Remember my goal of getting into these pants before I went to Michigan?

Well it worked. The pants you see me in above are these pants. I am now wondering if I should go try on some sixteens. Its always good to have a size smaller in your closet. It motivates me and I can try them on here and there to just "see" if they fit.

I was very disappointed in my new 100 dollar Zumba videos. They are not comparable to the old ones. I am trying to embrace them but its hard. Maybe I just don't do well with change when it comes to Zumba (wink). I was gifted a video by Bob (the biggest looser trainer) and they kick my little.....I mean BIG booty. I LOVE them and want to go get more. I have never felt so sore in my life....and just from doing tons of lunges. LOL Its probably good to break up your work out anyway. I was doing Zumba ALL the time.

So another pound down. I'm excited about that. If you look close in the new pictures you can see that I have quite a few rolls around my middle still. I am pretty sure those will start disappearing even more during the next twenty pounds. I am VERY excited to get rid of my muffin top. (yucky)

I have a very personal question. Now that I have Incorporated more veggies into my diet I am suffering from a side effect that is not very (ahem) lady like.............GAS! Does anyone have any advise? I cant stop eating my veggies but I also cant be having this side effect at work. HELP ME!!!!!!!

I'm finding my skinny more and more every day!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 down 69 to go!!!

I have OFFICIALLY lost 100 pounds. That's two of my son Skyler...that's 20 five pound bags of sugar...that's about 20 five gallon jugs of milk...its as much as a small person. I'm so sad that I had all that weight on my body...but I'm so happy Ive come this far.

I tried to find the earliest scale picture that I had and it seems as though I didn't start taking pictures of the scale right away. Here is the earliest scale picture I have. I must note that on my last doctors appointment after Tyrus was born I looked at my chart and I weighed in at 319.So if my weigh in was 219 approximately two years ago (Tyrus is nearly two) then this number below would officially put me at a 100 pound loss.

Now I didn't start officially "trying" to loose weight until one year ago (May 2nd to be exact). The picture below was right around that time. Since May of last year I have lost 62.8 pounds. That's about five pounds a month which is absolutely perfect for me. I know I get very frustrated because it seems like it comes off so slowly...but patience is the key in weight loss along with persistence.

I have gone from this picture of obesity...

to this picture of health.

Its been a whirlwind of a year. Its really hard to stay consistent and loose weight. There are lots of stumbling blocks along the way...there are lots of people that tell me...."You need to stop being so obsessed with calories and just live a little." The reality for me is I had to become obsessed about my bad health to find good health. I feel kinda funny posting this because I know 100 pounds gone is a huge victory but I still have 69 to go and then I have to find a way to maintain. This will probably take me another year.

How did I do it? Again, just for those that don't know, I did it by eating 1400 calories per day and completely skipping deserts and junk food and of course exercise nearly every day. I don't think that everyone has to do this but for me it was essential for me to not treat myself with food or reward myself with food. Instead I rewarded myself with new Zumba videos or a new pair of socks or a new pair of work out pants. Food for me became necessary for survival...not pleasure.

Here are my measurements in May of last year:

My buttock: 60.5 inches (now 50.5)

My waist: 49.5 inches (now 42.5)

Upper arm: 17 inches (now 14)

Wrist: 7 inches (now same)

Calf: 22 inches (now 19.5)

Bust: 50.5 inches (now 45)

See how far Ive come? See how far I have to go? Time for more Zumba.