Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new way to skinny...

Oh Zumba how I loved thee...but I needed a break. LOL I still love Zumba but I admit I have not done it in about a month. Let me show you what I have been up to instead. Yep that's right...Chuck Norris sold me on this thing and I needed a strength training way to get the final 55-60 pounds off my body. I knew (through research) that all my Zumba cardio was not going to do it for me and so I bought this. I LOVE IT, and I'm very sore. Its truly an amazing machine. My body is becoming smaller but my skin is sagging...so I am hoping that by building some muscle it will lessen this disgusting sagging skin look that I'm starting to get.

I must admit that I had a week that I feel back a little. I still didn't cheat with deserts but I did go on a couple dates and I ate restaurant food and I went up a few pounds....but NEVER over 214. I am not back to 212 again and I'm in a 15/16 size jeans in some styles and in other styles I'm in a 13/14 size jean. I couldn't be more thrilled with that.

Like I said I did go on a few dates. I re-dated a guy that I dated back in November. We had a great date and he finally came out and told me that he really really liked me but that my weight bothered him. The funny part of the story I'm about to tell you is that me and this guy had just watched the movie "Shallow Hal" together. (keep that in mind) Anyway, he took me aside and told me that I was the perfect girl for him but that my weight bothered him. I secretly thought that he was full of it as I looked at his balding head and the fact that he is 50 pounds overweight. He then went on to tell me that he would be willing to exclusively date me as long as he and I could loose weight together. He bought me a couple cook books (for us both to share) and a weight loss book. (as If I needed his help loosing weight since I have done all this by myself the past year...SHAAAWWWW). He THEN went on to tell me that if I made it too my goal weight of 150 then he would give me $500 for a new wardrobe (I know he has money so I know he wasn't lying).

I was blown away at this guys offer of love with the stipulation that I got "SKINNY," and for an added incentive he offers me hundreds of dollars to look beautiful for him....NO DOUBT so that he could show me off to his friends like I was some sort of prize. I went along with this little game of his as I text him my weight every morning and as he text me his weight. One morning I gained .6 ounces instead of loosing and he text me a sad face. LOL My heart sunk. A girl looses weight much slower then a guy and I feel like he had no idea that six ounces was simply water weight. I then realized that this Shallow Hal was not for me. Instead of me having to break it off with him he saved me the trouble by letting me know that he went back to his old girlfriend. The funny part is...he has been texting me to see how much weight I am loosing. This guy is keeping me on the sidelines until I get skinny. LOL Ill go along with it......take his $500 dollars and kick my Shallow Hal to the curb and find me a real man. How dare he wave his big bucks around me like that. I'm so much better then that.

Ill keep you updated on Shallow Hal.