Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rachel B.

This entire post is to my good friend Rachel B. We have known each other since we were teenagers and facebook brought us back together as adults.

The good news is, Rachel (who is to embarrassed to create a blog) is officially now down to a size 22. She has lost over thirty pounds...and the best part...she said that I was her inspiration. AWWWWW!!! No really, the best part is that she is super excited to be wearing a size twenty two. I am so proud of her. are such a looser right now (wink).

On my weight loss front. My weight still teeters between 227-228. Things are still going good.

Happy Saturday!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

220's FINALLY!

I feel skinnier just being in the 20's. Its such a milestone for me. I think my body is getting the hang of this "loosing weight" thing. It just seems to be coming off easier and quicker now. I'm not complaining. LOL
Here are my measurements when I first started...and then today.

May 22nd
My buttocks/butt/posterior: 60.5 inches
My middle/waist: 49.5 inches
Upper arm/flap/wiggly thing: 17 inches
Wrist: 7 inches
Calf/huge muscle thing/I have HUGE legs, I always have: 22 inches
Bust/boob/breast: 50.5 inches

Upper arm=14.5

Remember way back when I posted this? I waited and waited to fit into these funky "hang around the house" pants...and guess what? I fit in them now. WHOOO HOOOO!! I'm enjoying looking like I just walked out of an Old Navy commercial. I'm not sure if stripes like these make me look "skinnier" but what the hey!!! I like them and I no longer have to stare at them hanging in the closet. (patting myself on the back)

I guess thats it for today. Im posting the picture below for memories sake. Its kinda a before and NOW shot. It helps me to keep modivated. Have a happy Sunday friends!!!


Oh and my belly isnt that big, the wind was blowing my shirt out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recipes, more boob talk, and tooting horns!


Gotta love my different colored socks.

I don't remember who said it but someone mentioned that the girls in the work out videos wear two different sports I took a gander...and your right...they do. I haven't tried it yet but it seems to be a logical idea. I'm also going to try Lane Bryant. I know Walmart sells the kind of sports bras with the cups built into them, but unfortunately Im still to big and cant get the darn things on my big body. Even the XL doesn't fit me....YET!!! LOL I am proud to say that my regular bras (size 44DD) are way to big on me. My boob fills about half of it but its frustrating because they are thirty dollar bras and I just got them in October. (sigh) Ill have to get some smaller ones very soon.

I had pizza last night (just two pieces) but I still lost weight. I have decided that my body is like an engine....exercise has reved up my metabolism and I am able to eat more and still loose weight. I feel hungry more then I used too so that is a challenge for me, especially at work, but I am trying to use mind over matter and only eat what I should. Its working because although I am not dropping the pounds fast, they are coming off slow and I'm still OK with that. Ive lost over six pounds just this year alone.

My size eighteen pants still fit me fine; however, half way through the day they are staring to be really loose on me so that's a big indicator to me that I could soon start trying on size sixteen. WHOOP WHOOP!!! I don't even remember what it feels like to be a size sixteen. Its been so long!!

Zumba is still so fun and challenging. It truly works all areas of my body and while its still a work out, I find myself smiling through the whole thing. I'm still a HUGE fan. In fact I got a little obsessive with it and was doing it six nights a week....until I wore myself out and got sick. (yuck) Now I try to at least work out every other night or at least three times a week. It seems to work for my body.

I have three months left to my one year anniversary for starting this whole "finding my skinny" journey. I cant believe its almost been a year. I generally don't stick to things this long. I'm so proud of myself. (not to toot my own horn or anything)

So, I'm looking for some good healthy recipes since I am horrible at cooking for myself. Since I work so much I really really like crock pot recipes. Any ideas?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boob trouble!

I totally love you gals. I loved all the advice and "two cents" you gave me on the last post. I read every word. I did want to say one thing....I would NEVER tell "S" that he was to fat. Oh goodness, I could never do that. If I ever had a talk with him then the focus would be more on health and concern for his well being. The main problem I see with us ever having a relationship is that your dealing with two people that have an addiction to food. Its hard to stay strong when you both have the same issue. I am no better then him, I'm just in a different place then he is. So we will see what happens.

The past week has been a hard one for me as far as sticking to my eating plan. I was doing SOOO good and exercising every night. In fact I think I was starting to get a little obsessive about exercising, and I would beat myself up emotionally if I wasn't able to exercise. Well about Thursday of last week I got sick. It wasn't really that bad but bad enough that I couldn't Zumba for about four to five days. It was really hard for me. Luckily I maintained my weight and am hanging at about 233. I'm back to exercising again....and I'm loving it.

My boobs are giving me trouble again. I love Zumba, but these girls that are on there have some seriously small boobage. I just doing fit into that category. I went to Walmart and purchased some sports bras just for working out. Sports bras are tricky...they don't come in regular bra sizes...they just come in S M L and XL. Sometimes you can get the size you are around your torso but usually its hit or miss. I definitely MISSED this time. My sports bras do NOT hold the girls in. First of all it looks like I have a uniboob(did I spell that right?), and secondly, when I'm doing my fancy Zumba moves I notice that the sports bra is no longer holding my boobs but my chin. GRRRRRR!!! I need a sports bra that fits tight and keeps em in. Any suggestions? Walmart is OUT for sure. Their sports bras are TERRIBLE!!

I just really feel like I can let go and really "Zumba" if the girls were not hanging all over the place. (wink)