Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Good morning friends!!! I have finally lost a pound. This picture was taken a week ago so I think I might have lost a little more but I was to chicken to get on the scale this morning in case it showed a different number. I didn't want to be disappointed all day long. This is probably the hardest pound I have ever lost. It seemed to NEVER want to come off.

I sometimes (wink wink) wear different colored socks.

I am still very much enjoying my Zumba videos; however, when I visited the Zumba site the other day I discovered that they had revamped the videos and they were all new. I was so excited I almost peed my pants. I must admit, the old videos are still really fun but the thought of some new fresh ones really caught my interest.

So in order to afford these 100 dollar videos...I sold my Piccolo. My sweet piccolo that I purchased with my own money when I was a teenager. Its a great exchange though and I don't regret it. This sweet instrument went to an older Latino man who plays the flute and who I know will love it and play it way more then I ever did.

My best friend sent me this picture last night. She congratulated me at how far I had come. Look at me!!!! I look so uncomfortable. I had to post a more recent picture below this one. Things have changed dramatically. I am 4.4 pounds away from my 100 pound mark.

Here is a video of the new Zumba videos...and here is a video of Shakira's new video "Waka Waka." Its amazing and what makes me most excited is that the new Zumba videos have incorporated her Waka Waka dance into the workout. Check them out. They will get you excited!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zumba FREAK!!!!!!

It is no secret that for the past several months I have fallen in love with Zumba. It is the first time I have actually purchased a work out program and used it more then once. I went to the Zumba web site today and low and behold....they have all NEW CD's. I have been desperate for new workouts but I didnt want to stop doing Zumba. Here is the question I have. I dont go to the gym so I dont pay a do you think its a good investment to order the new CD's or would you all just use the old ones over and over and over again. LOL I kinda figure that If I was going to the gym I would have spent a whole lot more money then I have on Zumba anyway so its kinda worth it but I wanted to get your take.

Im still hanging out at 224.8. Like I stated before, I had gained weight and went all the way up to 229 so its wonderful to be back down here again.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Weight loss overnight!!

Yesterday I knew something was happening. I felt these weird sensations of my stomach caving in. I know that sounds weird but its normal for me. I can actually feel my body loosing weight. Sure enough, this morning I woke up to a HUGE weight loss.

My work out was a little later last night then usual. I didn't get done until just after ten so. Because I did it so late for some reason I was really really hungry when I went to bed and even hungrier when I woke up. I'm not sure why I was so hungry because I had a big dinner which consisted of a whole breast of BBQ chicken pees and corn and a little bit of mac and cheese. I don't usually eat mac and cheese but it looked so good so I at a heaping spoonful of it. So the extreme hunger is unexplainable to me.

Whatever my body is doing is fine with me because its working. I contribute all of it to the exercise though because I eat my grape jelly toast about twice a day. Probably I shouldn't do that but it does keep me from eating other things I shouldn't and I truly love it for some reason. (that and my chocolate coffee)

So as of today that's a 94.4 weight loss in total. I have 5.6 pounds before I hit my 100 weight loss goal. What should I do to celebrate? I really want a tattoo (a small one) but we will see if that pans out.

My Zumba videos were getting old for awhile there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I got tired of them. I decided to take a different approach on them...instead of getting board with them I decided to make them my friend. Yes I do the same videos all the time but I just let that go and decided that I HAD to do them even if I got bored of them because they work. Ive switched it up a little and about once a week instead of Zumba Ill ride the stationary bike. The other night I rode four miles which is HUGE for me.

I'm so proud of myself. I'm so close to being out of the 200's. I wonder if Ill make it into those new jeans before I go to Rebekah's house? We will see!!!!