Monday, January 31, 2011

Your to fat!!! Including disclamer at the end!!

I thought it was time for a body shot. This is me taken this past Saturday at the Zoo.

I actually went on a date yesterday. You know, it was the kind of date that the guy actually opens the doors for you and pays for the meal. Yeah, that kind of date. It was nice. The guy who I will call "S" was super sweet, mature, didn't cuss, great dad, hard worker, has his own car, clean teeth, smelled great, handsome and was able to carry a great conversation with me. Here are my concerns. S is a BIG guy...and when I say big I mean 6'2 and probably close to 400 pounds. Its funny though how a guy can be that big but still be handsome but when a gal is that big its just unacceptable.

Let me explain myself. I have been over three hundred pounds and only 5'6 so its pretty much the same as being 6'2 and 400 pounds. I have no right to say to this very sweet man that I don't want to date him because of his weight. But I'm having some reservations about him. He isn't trying to loose weight at all right now, and he is already suffering from sleep apnea and sever snoring because of his weight. Being over weight like that can KILL you eventually, not to mention that being that overweight makes you grow old very fast. Ive worked so hard to NOT be that big because I don't want to grow old fast and I don't want to be dependant on a sleep machine because I stop breathing in the middle of the night because I'm to fat to breath on my own.

Its almost been a year that I have been working on my weight loss. Its been a hard road, and Ive worked really hard at it. Its a really hard decision for me to date someone who is where I was almost a year ago and isn't ready to make changes. I want to be able to do things, be young, run, hike mountains, ride bikes, live, chase my kids...and do all that while being healthy and skinny. I cant share those things with a person who is 400 pounds.

OK lay it on me I being selfish? I am going to go out with S again, and I probably will have a talk with him about my concerns and let him know that we cant be in a serious relationship because of my concerns....but I feel horrible like I'm being mean.

What do you think?

When I originally made the title for this post "Your to fat" I did it because I have been told before (by a man that I was dating) that I was to fat to date him. He told me that he would see me but not "officially" because essentially I was "to fat" for him. I didn't do it to hurt or call my date this weekend (S) fat. Sheesh!! I think he reads my blog and I didn't realize that until after I posted this.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011


It may not seem like I have lost any weight but I actually have. Somehow I actually gained weight and was back up to 140.6. After starting zumba I was able to get back down to the 237. Its a pretty normal pattern for me. I get down to a low weight and then the next day I jump up two or three pounds...and then I work hard and loose a little more then I jump up and down up and down. LOL Its really quite confusing but its probably because I weight myself to much.

Regardless of my weight loss pattern, I am still loosing weight...slowly.

I went to the store the other day during my lunch break. I was just going to browse around. I ran across these cute stretch cargo pants that I thought would be fun to work out in. I picked up a size eighteen and didn't try them on. I knew that if they didn't fit then it would still be fun to look forward to fitting into them. To my surprise they not only fit but had a little looseness to them. I was shocked. Am I at the stage that I don't have to shop in the fat ladies section? It was monumental!!!!!

This was a hard week for me emotionally, but the weekend is here and I am ready to celebrate with (sigh)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

ZUMBA!! And all my secrets!!

That's right ladies. I bought ZUMBA! It is so dang fun. I was seriously enjoying myself as I sweat my butt off in my living room. The people are so energetic and to be honest, the beats, and the Spanish guys are dang HOT!!! FUN FUN FUN!! Wouldn't you want to have fun while you work out?

I haven't weighed myself in the past few days. The last time I weighed myself I was about the same. I'm not stressing about it.

I had a couple questions from you. I thought I would answer them.

Asked by My life with boys.

OK, it is the New Year and I am trying to start it out right. I also have weight to lose and have gained too much this last year. Your an inspiration! You have done so well. Can you share what a typical day of food looks like for you? Thanks for being so candid.

A typical day for me looks like this.

Breakfast: Coffee first thing and usually I chug a glass of water. When I get to work I down a protein shake. I buy my protein powder at Walmart. Its LOADED with protein and only 1 carb which makes me happy.

Lunch: Usually I have a taco salad that I make from home. Its basically salad, a serving or two of light sour cream, about 3/4 cup of very lean ground beef, reduced fat cheese (about half a cup), and pineapple chipoltle salsa. Stir it up and enjoy. You will really feel like your being naughty because its sooo good. I'm addicted to my salads.

Dinner: I'm really bad at eating dinner. I'm so lazy about it that Ill usually just eat another protein shake. Sometimes Ill have a scoop of peanut butter on a piece of bread with a small cup of milk. I need to get better at that.

Snacks: I do not snack and if I do Ill bring an apple or some baby oranges. If I feel particularly hungry I will have a cup of chocolate coffee.

Another good friend of mine asked me "What are your weight loss secrets?" on facebook. Here they are.

My secrets:

I do not "graze." You could eat hundreds of calories by just taking a taste here or a bite there. DONT DO IT!!! Tell yourself that you are going to have a yummy dinner or a yummy cup of chocolate coffee later and you CAN wait.

I stay within my calorie range which is 1400 calories per day. You will have to find out what your calorie intake should be. You can look it up on the Internet for free. Its based on your weight.

Honestly, weight loss is no secret. Its hard hard work...and its saying NO NO NO a lot. I just figure that Ive had enough chocolate chip cookies and cake and fast food in my lifetime to sink a ship...I certainly can do without it for awhile. Some day, I will be able to enjoy that piece of cake or that chocolate chip cookie...but for now I can not eat them because those foods send me to "the dark side" if you know what I mean. Its all about choices. If you want something bad enough then you will accomplish it.

Today I ate Taco Bell...and...I...feel...discusting. I will NOT do that again. I did it because of poor planning. I got to hungry and didn't have enough time and slid right into that drive through and got a chicken burrito. I did work out tonight so I'm not a total loss for the day but it sure wasn't worth it. If you do mess up like I did...don't beat yourself up...start over...keep going. Make sure to plan what you are going to take to work to eat. If you don't have a plan in place then you will probably reach for the donuts that "Harry" brought in or the chocolate bars that "Bertha" brought to work to share. Plan Plan Plan!!!! Say NO NO NO!! And if you do that you will start to feel a little more in control.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Loosing weight seem to be the only thing I have control over these days. Its the only thing I seem to be good at. I'm soaking it in!!

On top of buying myself boots....I broke down and purchased the Zomba work out Cd's. I have not received them yet but I'm excited.

Check out my stats below.

Also, thank you all for the fun encouraging comments. I'm so glad Ive put myself out there and that those of you who are trying to loose weight can be encouraged by my successes and comforted that your not alone by my downfalls. It sure didn't take much effort to get HUGE. I'm really paying the price for that....but I'm really starting to feel the results now and it feels so good.

Sarah...I did try on some 18's. It depends on the jean...some fit (tightly) and some I can not get buttoned. Most of the ones that fit are the hip hugger type jeans. The ones that don't fit are the ones that button up by my belly button which I HATE anyway. I'm LOVING the hip hugger jeans.

Marsha....I'm so glad you found my blog. I'm going to make my way over to your blog soon. (wink)

Ive decided (if the money is there) that my next reward will be a cowboy hat. Silly I know....but I want one and I figure after loosing 100 pounds I will DESERVE it.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Lets bring in the new year with happiness and joy...and mostly SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY!!!!!

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