Monday, March 28, 2011

What I love most right now....

Do you know what I love the most right now about loosing weight? My neck!! Weird Hugh? Let me show you why.

For years now I have seriously resembled a turtle in his shell, because you know what turtles in their shells have right? NO NECK!!!

Check it out...

Do you see any necks? NOPE!! That's because the fat took over my neck and I didn't have one.

Check it out again...

The good news is that I think enough of my fat has melted away and I once again have a neck.


Check out my neck...not my nostrils...LOL. Just kidding. This picture is a joke but It gave me a laugh.

Do you see that ring around my neck in this picture?

That ring is my class ring. I love it so much but have not been able to wear it for nearly ten years. I can actually ALMOST fit it on my ring finger. In order to inspire me to continue to do better I have it around my neck. I'm so excited to sport it again. Ill be sure to show it to all of you as soon as I can.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Challenge and measurments!

I have become a machine every day. My new lifestyle has become such a habit that I don't have to think twice about most things. Exercising is a bit of an obsession, and I do my cardio almost every night taking off about every fourth night to give my body a rest. The Zumba is now very easy for me and I find myself trying to perfect my technique to get every ounce of cardio out of my work out.

My days are very long. I wake up at five o'clock just so that I have enough time to get me and my two boys out of the house and to work by seven. I try very hard to plan my foods and bring snacks. I purchased a new George Foreman and as a result have been living the good life eating yummy lemon pepper chicken every day for lunch. If you don't have a George Foreman you NEED to get one especially if you are dieting. Its such a no brainer to put some chicken on it and WALLA, you have a healthy lunch. I work ten hours a day, get home at about six twenty, visit with the boys, feed everyone (including myself) dinner...then there is bath time...chocolate milk time for Skyler...and then bed. By the time all the boys needs are met and they are actually in bed, its about eight thirty or nine. Its then and only then that I can roll my carpet up in the living room....put on my work-out shoes....prepare my big glass of cold water...and finally Zumba for 45 minutes.

Generally at about eight o'clock I do NOT feel like doing anything even close to exercising....but I know its worth it and when I am done I will feel amazing, and I'm always right.

Our bodies really are machines. Ive been doing this weight loss thing long enough that I have figured out what works for me. After I moved almost three weeks ago I was out of my routine. I actually gained three pounds and not until today did I actually get back down to 227.4. (WHOOP WHOOP!!!) So I did waste a lot of time but I realized that the exercising puts my metabolism in some kind of hyper speed and makes me loose weight so much easier. It makes the late nights so much easier when you see results.

I posted a picture of me (taken today) up top. Down below I will post my measurements. I'm so glad I have kept track of these. Its pretty amazing to see the results of all my discipline.

I have challenged myself though. I should probably announce this on my other blog but I'm going to announce it here first. (drum roll) I am going to see Tyrus (my birth son) in May. I will share more about my excitment on my other blog. Remember how I told you about those size 17 jeans hanging in my closet? I am challenging myself to get into them by May. I dont know if I can do it. I tried them on this morning and was able to button them but they are just way to small still. I want to fit into them SOOOO bad.

Here are my measurements:

May 22nd 2010

butt: 60.5 inches
waist: 49.5 inches
Upper arm: 17 inches
Calf: 22 inches
Bust: 50.5 inches

November 3rd 2010

Upper arm/15 in
Calves/18 in
Bust/48.5 in

(Today) March 23rd 2011

upper arm 15
waste 43
butt 52
calf 18
bust 45.5

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reality check!!

Its almost midnight here. Ive been up for most of the night with my son who has the croupe. Ive wanted to blog here for a couple weeks but just have not found the time or energy.

Ive been feeling pretty good about myself. I get lots of compliments about my weight but I'm finding that these sweet comments are making me get a little to comfortable. I'm still weighing in at 228. In the past two weeks I have packed my entire house, moved and then unpacked. With all that busy business I had not exercised or eatin as well as I normally would have. So, because Ive gotten lax, I haven't lost or gained a thing. That is very frustrating to me and it makes me mad at myself. I should be thankful that I'm the same weight since Ive allowed myself to eat regular lasagna and garlic bread, crackers, Chick-fil-A, and I'm sure a few other foods I should not have eaten.

I had my son take pictures of me today. I had on my favorite pair of jeans and a shirt that I thought looked good. It blew me away when I saw the pictures. I truly think I look horrible. I know I should give myself some credit, after all, Ive lost about ninety three less then ten pounds away from 100 pounds lost....but I cant seem to give myself a break. I still have seventy five pounds to go. I cant afford to get lax or become complacent. Ive started exercising again (ZUMBA!!!!) and I am trying hard to get back on plan (1400 calories per day).

In order to be true to myself and to all my readers, here are a few pictures of me.
I would love to just post this first picture because it is the only one that is half way flattering....

but I will be a big girl and hold myself accountable...

with these two extra fluffy and very unflattering pictures.

Id rather post pictures like this...because then you cant see my fluffiness. LOL

So that's me and my new body shots. I'm trying to stay positive. I have five new pairs of jeans hanging in my closet (that I LOVE) just waiting for me to squeeze my big butt into. I predict that if I can get ten to fifteen pounds down, then these cute Old Navy Jeans will fit me (they are size 17's).

I'm hoping by posting these pictures it will remind me that I cant quit. I'm hoping that these pictures remind me that I still have to keep moving forward. At the same time I am doing my best to love myself for who I am, and what I am becoming....slowly...and at a snails pace...but Ill get there.