Saturday, September 6, 2014

Phase three day 14!! Boring Saturday!



Amanda said...

I love when you post videos! They're inspirational to me.

I'm in such a terrible rut in losing weight and eating better. I did really well for almost a year, and then in January, just stopped doing everything good and healthy. I'm making it a goal to begin in 3 days (a specific date for me).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy watching your videos and seeing what you're up to and hearing how you're doing. It will keep my on track a bit myself!!

Unknown said...

I really like your hair too bek,,, there is a way to make it not so red if you want.... go to sallys beauty supply and ask them to help you get the supplies for a level 7 ash toner (they will tell you everything you need... dont forget the gloves) and then just apply that to your hair (20-30 mins) and rinse out (you dont have to wash toners, just rinse them) the ash will counter act the red and make it more "natural" brown.....
but I LOVE IT!