Friday, June 25, 2010

Aspiring photographer!

Skyler and I went to the park today! I couldn't find anyone to take a picture of us...until a sweet little girl walked by and I thought she was a good candidate. After snapping a few pictures of her eye ball, I decided I needed to find someone older then five to take my picture. (It was quite funny to watch)

Soon sauntering by was a seven year old little boy, who snapped my picture like a pro. I would like to start taking more pictures of myself so that I can keep a picture log. No this is not fun for me...I look horrible in my eyes but I think the exposure is helping. So here is my picture, taken today by an aspiring photographer at the young age of....oh about seven years old.

And another one of my face. Can you see a difference from the pictures in my header? I think I look a little thinner in my face....I'm hopping. LOL

Someone asked me what I am doing to loose weight. I wanted to briefly answer that question. I don't feel like I can say that I am a success story yet but at about 24 pounds lost in one and a half months Ill tell you what I am doing.

I purchased the Mayo Clinic Diet book from Walmart. It was about 20 dollars but I was glad it wasn't cheap because that would mean that I would use it because I hate wasting money. I started reading it and LOVED it. It basically teaches you how to eat and the appropriate amounts to eat. Its a calorie counting based diet.

I also purchased a bottle of Ali. For the first month or so I used it and loved it; however, I don't use it much at all now. I don't have a need for it. My diet is very low fat and Ali blocks 25% fat, so I figure the little fat I do eat I probably need to keep for energy.

So there you have quick fix...this is hard...really hard work, but the payoff is going to be SOOOOO skinny (I mean) SWEET!


Laura and Walter said...

I definitely think you can tell a difference in your photos. Great job! I need to get back on my is sooo hard once you get off track. Keep up the good work!

Rebekah said...

I can tell the difference!!