Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have several wonderful ladies who are loosing weight right along with me. I love getting the texts and the comments from real life friends and bloggy friends telling me how much weight they have lost, or just encouraging me to keep on keeping on. YOU ALL ARE SO INSPIRING TO ME!!!!

It was a wonderful weekend. I'm now sitting even PRETTIER at 280 pounds even. I cant believe I'm actually doing this!!

You know what I cant wait to do? I cant wait to be able to bend over and not have my belly get in the way. I cant wait to run with my kids again, and put my shoes on without having to bend my body in ways that I normally wouldn't have to if I were skinny. I cant wait to get my old "boobs" back. LOL I cant believe I just said that but its true, its one of the hardest parts. I cant wait to be able to look at myself on the outside and feel good about it. Mostly, I cant wait to be able to set a good example for my kids about what it means to have good health.

And lastly, I cant wait to be HOT like this again. LOL No seriously, I must have been sixteen in this picture and THOUGHT I was hot. It makes me laugh!!

What are you looking forward to?


Jo said...

Just thought id say Hi! I have yet to comment but I am doing this right along with you as well! I think you are doing great so far and your motivation drives me to keep going.

As for what i look forward to? Well, along with you i cant wait to get my old boobs back! I hate the ones i have now! My biggest motivator though is knowing that when this is all over my newly diagnosed diabetes will be gone and i will be able to get pregnant!

Mommy2Four said...

I was so excited last night.... I got to put on a pair of pajamas and wear them, that my Mother had gotten for me to wear at the hospital after Sierra was born. What a joke that was! lol She had bought me a size SMALLER than I was BEFORE I became pregnant! They are a "Large"..... when I started this journey 9 months ago, I needed an XXXLarge. I'm so excited! Down to 196 from 280 pounds! Keep going Rebekah! You're doing awesome!

Rebekah said...

Definitely digging the scooby doo! :)