Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My face!

I just recorded a video to post on my other blog. After watching it a couple times I realized that my face is just so puffy. I don't even look like myself. Of course I look like the person everyone else knows, but when I look in the mirror, its not me. Other people look at me all day long and they are none the wiser at what I should look like. I should carry a mirror around and force myself to look into it every time I feel tempted to stray from my plan.


Do you avoid mirrors like I do? Unless I am putting makeup on or brushing my teeth, I try to avoid those things that show a reflection of someone I have become on the outside. I long for the day that I can look in the mirror and see that skinny face again.

Today went well. After calculating my calories I think I am just under 1400 for the day which is OK. I try to stay at or below 1400 (per the Mayo clinic diet.)

Its getting easier and easier to eat healthier. I do find that every week or two weeks I tend to eat something that wouldn't normally be my every day enchiladas or pizza per say. (grin) I have learned not to beat myself up over it. It doesn't happen every day and its part of normal living to eat some fun foods. Life is not all about veggies and chicken, I'm convinced of that!!! As long as the pounds are still coming good!


Deanna said...

As far as eating the "fun" food every once in a while, my trainer has me on a program where you get two treats a week - some trainers at the gym say it's better to have one free day. But she says it's better to be able to either split those two times up or put them in one day, whichever works at the time.

Even on the show The Biggest Loser, the contestants have one (moderately) high calorie day a week. If they usually eat 1500 calories a day, they'll have one day a week where they eat like 2200. It is said to give the metabolism a boost instead of it getting used to the lower calories.

So, not only should you not beat yourself up since you're doing a good job overall, but by letting yourself eat fun foods once a week or so, you're going to make it easier to stick with.

Rebekah said...

You're doing great Rebekah, keep it up!!!

Annjeri said...

This is really good advise I think. I also believe that is you don't allow yourself a fun food here or there, the deprivation will cause you to over do it and get sick. I am proud of you sis, you are doing so well. ;-)
I started working out this week. Today will be my third day of working out. I am already pooped, but I know that each time I work out, my cholesterol is going down. Wahooo!!!!

Lerin said...

I do the same thing... in fact, I realize that I always put my eyes down on the floor when I pass a mirror. I've done it without thinking for so long... what a sad habit! In about 30 lbs, I'll look in the mirror again. :)

All My Monkeys said...

YES! DON'T beat yourself up. I always think of the verse, Lam 3:19-23 or 24 "His mercies are new EVERY morning." Every day is a new day. A motto that has served me well. Though sometimes I need it to be more like "his mercies are new every 5 minutes" for parenting. lol.

I actually don't have aproblem with mirrors. I see myself just fine. It's like reverse anorexia. I see myself as skinnier than I am in the mirror. But pictures. Oh nelly. One day I decided to take 'before' pictures of myself. In undies and a tight tank top. I uploaded them, and immediately called my hubs to apologize for making him look at "that" and thanked him for still loving me and finding me attractive, even though... Ugh. It was a good/bad reality check. HATE pictures.