Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have not worn a pair of jeans since I got pregnant with Tyrus. At about three months pregnant I couldn't put them on anymore and it was stretch pants from there.

TODAY!!! I put on a pair of jeans and could ZIP them up!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!! I can now say that I am a size (almost) 24. Yes they are size 24 pants, and no I cant hardly sit down much less breath while sitting down, but I did get them zipped and am quite comfortable in my sexy jeans.....while standing. Whats that you say? Yes, I agree, size 24 is STILL the size of a house, but this house is in a pair of jeans now. LOL

You have to celebrate the small things ya know?

And for your viewing pleasure...although I don't think its quite pleasurable. Here is a picture of my not so skinny legs, in my big as a house jeans, that I am so very proud of.

I know, I'm a dork!!!


birthmothertalks said...

Way to go!!! Keep up the good work.

Melrose said...

Rebekah, my husband has struggled with his weight since I met him in college. He's tried everything. Finally someone suggested he cut out ALL sugar including carbs. The only fruit he could eat were berries, Granny smith apples, and an orange a day. Otherwise it was meat, poultry, eggs, beans, dairy, veggies, and nuts. Well, he lost 30 lbs in six weeks. I was stunned. I guess his body only burned sugar for energy and just stored fat. So when he cut out sugar the only thing his body had to burn was fat, and burn it did. 6 weeks later he added carbs and sugar back (but controlled) and the weight didnt come back. He's now (2 yrs later) doing another 6 weeks to try and get even lower and we're training for a triathlon together :)

mak'n Changes said...

Ha! Ha! I love you! You have such a positive outlook on life.... Good for you for wearing your sexy jeans *wink*
just wait till they're to big to wear,, that will be a happy day too!

BeckyT said...

Jeans is always a GREAT feeling. I know how good I felt when I got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. The next thing to really feel good about is when they start to feel loose. :) Good luck and well done again. You can do it. x

Ashley said...

Thanks great Rebekah. Next time you go out to grocery shop or run errands.. since its all standing up except in the car, wear those sexy jeans out and about girl! Congrats on the jeans. I love jeans. They are my favorite thing to wear. :)

Melrose said...

hehe, i dont know about great will power...he about cried the entire six weeks lol And it was up to me to keep throwing food at him so he wouldnt give up. I became very one night we were having lasagna but he couldnt have noodles so I made a layered bowl of ground beef, cottage cheese, sauce, sausage, italian cheese mix, repeat. Then he had a big salad with romaine, cheddar cheese, olives, mushrooms, etc. I thought I had done well but he about cried when he saw my heap of lasagna. Sooo now we all do it together and I eat carbs when he's not home :)

Let me know if you need any ideas on meals or easy replacements for carbs, Ive been cooking for him this way for 2 years now so I could do it in my sleep :)

Rebekah said...

So proud of you. You look fantastic....even if you can't sit down!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Woo-hoo!!! Good for you!

What Melrose said. You'll lose weight so fast if you religiously cut out sugar, processed food, and all the starchy carbs (bread, rice, pasta, etc.)

Stick to eggs, meat, seafood (nothing deep-fried), and lots and lots of veggies and water. Eat some low glycemic fruits like berries when you're hungry for something sweet. I swear you'll be down to your youthful weight in a lot less time than you ever imagined.

Melrose said...

Have you heard of stevia? It's a natural sweetener that doesnt affect your body like sugar does. It used to be sold only in healthfood stores but now even walmart sells it, you could use that in your coffee instead of sugar. :)

Laura and Walter said...

way to go! I'm trying to get back on's tough! Hang in there and celebrate ALL the little moments!

Gracelady said...

I love my "dorky" daughter! I KNOW what it means to celebrate the small but really big things in the weight loss journey.
{for those who don't know me, I am Beck's mom and I originally lost 130 pounds to get to goal}
You keep it going girl. I KNOW you and when you want to make it happen you do.
Plus, you are doing the things to expose yourself to make sure it will happen. YIPPEE SKIPPIE!
Love ya forever!