Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Goals and wishes

I'm so sad lately about my weight loss, or should I say my non-weight loss. How did I loose my focus? I have been helping my husband with our home business but instead of it being a part time job, it has turned into a full time job and I have lost my excitement for the things I love. I just got so discouraged and stressed out. Now I'm sitting here on the couch, it's 5:44 in the morning and wondering what has changed? How did I let life get to me like that? I've been eating cookies for goodness sake. Uggg!! I don't have the answers. I wish I could unlock the key to success. I want to hit my goal weight so bad but I'm letting myself get in the way.
I suspended my gym membership. The kids are out of school and I just wasn't finding the time to go. Instead I was doing at home work outs but I have found that it's really boring after awhile and I miss the people at the gym, and I miss my cardio classes. I want my old schedule back. I really should stop belly aching and just go resubmit my membership. I'm so afraid of going backwards. I weigh 200 pounds again. Now I have 50 pounds to go to get to my goal. Sigh! That makes me sad.


Erin S. said...

Girl, look at how far you've come! That's something to be proud of.