Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Still trying

I'm sitting here this morning watching "extreme weight loss. " I LOVE watching these kind of shows because they speak to my heart and I relate to them so much. Today's show is a woman about my age who weighed 349 pounds. She is quite a mess. She is sad and her self esteem is very very low. Wow! Sounds exactly like I used to be and sometimes still am. 
I cried for her while I was watching. My heart bleeds for people like this...for people like me. 
One thing about this show that makes me so sad is that these people actually reach there goals within a year or two. I have never been to my goal. I keep thinking "I need to crack the code. " 
I do feel like I am making better choices. If I can power through the weekends then I know I will loose weight. You just can't do good all week and then eat horrible on the weekends. It just doesn't work that way. My one weakness right now is peanut butter and honey on a slice of bread with a glass of milk. It seems like I cannot get through the day without eating that late at night. It has always been my go to snack. But it doesn't necessarily fit into my calorie for the day. It's these little things I would like to improve on. Someday, someday I will weigh 150 pounds.