Monday, September 29, 2014

Your NO FUN anymore!!! WHAT??


birthmothertalks said...

I went out to lunch last week with a friend.. we went to Subway. My husband asked me how come we always go eat? Why not go to a park or run errands or sit at one another's house without food. I really didn't have a good answer.. besides well we got to eat.. why not eat together.. I don't want to pick up my friend and run the whole time doing stuff. We do that sometimes a little bit cause she lost one eye to diabetes so she does ask for favors. I almost always make working out before I see my friends a must so I have no reason to change our habits as far as eating together. We have changed our places a bit. We tend to do more Subway or Taco bell cause one it's cheap and two it's easier and better fit for my daily goals. I really don't have too many friends I see on a regular basis but I haven't ran into that problem of people making fun of me.. Recently, though, I was at taco bell with one friend and 2 other of her friends.. I actually had the most food but the smallest of the group. So I think it does come down to a lot of our activity levels and not always the amount of food ect. I can't relate to my husband being an ass about food but he did used to just out of the blue put cookies in my hand to be "nice" I had to strongly tell him to stop it.. cause I had a sweet tooth problem and most likely already ate too much so stop putting food in my hand.. I would always eat them even though the kind he likes chips ahoy (generic) I am not crazy about.