Friday, September 19, 2014

All about BOOBS!! Its Friday!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Oh man... I have never shopped at Victoria Secret but I loooooong for the day when I have lost enough weight to do that. I usually get my bras from Lane Bryant and they fit real well.... shoot I go running in my strapless bra (but I use the straps that come with the bra) . Anyway I wanted to tell you Becky, that shirt you had on to show off your bras in the dressing room..... your arms look so good in that shirt and that last shirt you had on.... stinken cute and your arms look so so so fine!!! I had these huge saggy arms in my mind from how you described them and girl you totally look fine in short sleeve shirts. And btw the way that shirt fit you (the one in the dressing room) TOTALLY BECOMING!!! Im just saying you look real good and you should get yourself use to wearing more girly shirts cause you look good in them! Love you cousin and Im just so proud of you. I look forward to your videos. What a great inspiration youare. blessings.

birthmothertalks said...

That is nice that you bought yourself some new bras but don't be surprized if you shrink out of that size. I went to Victoria Secret once and they didn't carry my size for some odd reason. I would buy bras at Lane byrant when they were on sale. I went from 42ddd to 38c I do find it hard to find the perfect bra that fits well and looks good.. Your looking great!