Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boob trouble!

I totally love you gals. I loved all the advice and "two cents" you gave me on the last post. I read every word. I did want to say one thing....I would NEVER tell "S" that he was to fat. Oh goodness, I could never do that. If I ever had a talk with him then the focus would be more on health and concern for his well being. The main problem I see with us ever having a relationship is that your dealing with two people that have an addiction to food. Its hard to stay strong when you both have the same issue. I am no better then him, I'm just in a different place then he is. So we will see what happens.

The past week has been a hard one for me as far as sticking to my eating plan. I was doing SOOO good and exercising every night. In fact I think I was starting to get a little obsessive about exercising, and I would beat myself up emotionally if I wasn't able to exercise. Well about Thursday of last week I got sick. It wasn't really that bad but bad enough that I couldn't Zumba for about four to five days. It was really hard for me. Luckily I maintained my weight and am hanging at about 233. I'm back to exercising again....and I'm loving it.

My boobs are giving me trouble again. I love Zumba, but these girls that are on there have some seriously small boobage. I just doing fit into that category. I went to Walmart and purchased some sports bras just for working out. Sports bras are tricky...they don't come in regular bra sizes...they just come in S M L and XL. Sometimes you can get the size you are around your torso but usually its hit or miss. I definitely MISSED this time. My sports bras do NOT hold the girls in. First of all it looks like I have a uniboob(did I spell that right?), and secondly, when I'm doing my fancy Zumba moves I notice that the sports bra is no longer holding my boobs but my chin. GRRRRRR!!! I need a sports bra that fits tight and keeps em in. Any suggestions? Walmart is OUT for sure. Their sports bras are TERRIBLE!!

I just really feel like I can let go and really "Zumba" if the girls were not hanging all over the place. (wink)


Marsha said...

The girls are making me laugh this am - I have no answers for you. I spent a day shopping this week too and I don't think they make them in "plus" sizes - I looked in several stores.

Shabby Chic Mom said...

Ha uni boob. Sorry the wallyworld bras were a no go. Makes for a not so fun workout if you're not comfy

Annjeri said...

Hey sis. I am sorry you are dealing with all that but I do have to say your comment about your bra holding up your chin was HALARIOUS! ;-)

Anyway, I thought I saw some sports bra's at walmart with cups verses the ones that just pack you down. If you are having a hard time with that, then maybe lane bryant? I know they are little more pricy.

Anonymous said...

sports bras dont work if you have big "girls" you should just wear to regular bras at the same time... seriously... I use to do that when I was in that dance group when I was 16.... way before my breast reduction.... It helped a lot.


Cassie said...

They do make sports bras is regular bra sizes. Look at target or go to a sporting goods store :) I like Champion sports bra's from target and I even go up to a 40B to help a little more (usually a 38B)

Ashley said...


Walmart actually has more than just the "uniboob" kind. (This makes me laugh because it's so true!) But they have some that look more like a normal bra. I tried to buy one for my mother in law when she was walking with me all the time because she was complaining of the pain, and I saw a bunch of different options. That being said, if you have a Target store in your area, they are low prices but may have a better selection for you. I love Target. I have seen a lot of sports bras that have cups like regular bras. Good luck! I hope you find something you love!

Ashley said...


I have never done it myself, but I see Jillian Michaels and other trainers on TV and in magazines where they are wearing 2 sports bras. I never really knew why, I'm guessing extra support? Maybe you can try that with the ones you already purchased?

Mama2aMiracle said...

I get all of mine from Lane Bryant!

Anonymous said... sells sports bras for size D and above. They are the most hideous bras ever but if this bra wont hold your girls in I dont know what will. I'm a 38 DDD and I understand the misery of trying to find a sports bra that will work.

Sheila said...

Hahahaha Becky you crack me up! I can't wait to get back to see you! I'm so very proud of you girl!!!! Keep up the good work if you get skinnier than me were gonna have to talk! Hahaha jk love ya! =)