Thursday, August 19, 2010


I feel like nothing is happening. Today I weighed in at 267.8. That's not much progress. So again, I digress to compare how much weight I'm loosing monthly to help me feel better.

So, almost exactly a month ago I weighed in at 272. That's only a 4.2 pound loss last month. Is that normal? I feel like it should be coming off quicker. I realize that its certainly better to be loosing instead of gaining. The other thing that might have given me a false expectation was that the first month and a half I was taking ALI pills. They make you loose weight 50% faster then regular dieting. That makes total since.

I believe I started this whole weight loss kick on May 2nd. My starting weight at that time was 299. So as of today that's a 31.2 pound weight loss in three and a half months. That's about 8.9 pounds lost each month.


OK, I feel better now. That seems to make sense to me and gives me encouragement. My best friends doctor told her that loosing four pounds a month was healthy.

In BODY news!
-I am still waring a size 24, however depending on the pants, they are a little loose or REALLY loose and I'm forced to wash them after each ware hoping they will shrink. (22's here I come)

-I feel better about myself.

-My boobs have taken on a new shape and that scares me. I want them to deflate but I'm thinking I have ruined them forever by having five babies and gaining so much weight.

-A lady at work yesterday told me that if she had to guess my age she would guess "45." ARE YOU SERIOUS????? I'm only 34. I think she was delusional. I may be fat but I am not 45. Not that 45 is a bad age but goodness, nobody wants to age eleven years in one day. I actually want to experience all of my year at a time.

That's it for now!!


birthmothertalks said...

I think you are doing good. I started working out in mid april and also changed some of my eating habits and I am down 28 lbs. About the same time, I didn't have any jeans that I could fit into and had to buy summer clothes before summer got here. Today, I tried on my size 20 jeans and they fit really well and my size 18 are tight. It's not easy. Keep up the good work though.

All My Monkeys said...

Take your measurements. Hips, waist, boobs, arms. Maybe you're not losing lbs but INCHES!!! Even better.

Yeah, you don't even remotely look 45. Pics would show that. How old was she? Maybe she's really bad at guessing age. Well, apparently.

Eat more protein, less carbs? Add a little fat for a few days? Sometimes those are things that can help re-jump you back into losing. Idk.

Oh, and you don't want them to deflate. Decrease, maybe but trust me. Banana/pancake boobs you do.not.want! After bf'ing 4, it's a sad state of affairs.

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

4 lbs a month is pretty good, as long as you keep it up. As for boobs, no sympathy from me... I've been a "Barely A" my whole life, except when 9 months pregnant (and 40+ lbs) when I grow to "Barely B"... As for that chick, delusional for sure. But feel free to use it as a reason for you to keep up this weight-loss battle. Hope you have a great week!!!

mak'n Changes said...

If ever given the opportunity, breast reductions are a gift from God!
Maybe post a new pic each monTh so u can see the results with your eyes. You've got this Bek! Its yours for the taking.

Annjeri said...

Eeek, 45? NO WAY to you look like 45!!!! Seriously! That's like my co-worker labeling me at 37. Sheesh! Now, if you stayed out in the sun alot and never took care of yourself, then that would make someone look older. But not you, no way hosey!!
Love you.

Unknown said...

4 lbs a month is fabulous. That's a very healthy rate to lose at. 31 lbs in 3 months is fantastic- WOW! It took me about a year to lose that!

sarah said...

I think you're losing awesomely. You probably won't have to deal with a lot of loose skin and you have a better chance at keeping the weight off long-term. That girl is delusional if she thinks you're 45.

Take monthly photos, sidebackfront. And measurements. Did you know your head takes something like a year AFTER you lose the weight to recognize it? Pictures are awesome.

I'm down 51 pounds since july 20th !! Last Friday I weighed in at 313 and today I'm 290!! YAY!

Jennifer said...

According to my mom's nutritionist - a one-pound per week weight loss is a very healthy rate of weight loss. So at 4 pounds a month you're right on track. 31 pounds in 3 months is amazing. It's taken me since February to lose 21 pounds!

Keep it up - you're doing it!

Just remember:

Everyday you have to eat, move and breathe.

Best and peace.

Anonymous said...

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