Friday, August 13, 2010


I hate how slow weight loss is. I'm sure its my fault. I think I could be doing more to speed up the process. I'm still the same weight as before. Weird as it may sound I actually "feel" skinnier but I don't see the results on the scale. My jeans that were previously tight a couple weeks ago are not tight any more. So that's progress in itself.

I did have one of the day care kids ask me if I was going to have a baby. Nice hugh? LOL I just told her politely no and went on my way. She is only a child and is probably not used to seeing big ladies. But of course I asked someone when their baby was due a couple weeks ago and she politely told me that her baby was already a month old. OOPS!

I actually don't look pregnant right now. My boobs finally stick out farther then my belly. It wasn't to long ago that it was the opposite. I really really want to get the work out videos Zoomba. I went to an outdoor carnival type thing a few months ago and they were demonstrating it. WOW!! It looked so fun.

I have officially lost fifty pounds. The scale this morning flashed 269 and I started at 319 one year ago. Of course Ive only been real serious about loosing weight since May. So since May I have lost thirty pounds. That's just about ten pounds a month (a little less now) I have to put it into perspective like that since I feel this process is so slow. Maybe I need to get my dancing groove on and actually purchase that Zoomba. I love dancing but it has no purpose because nobody is teaching me or leading me. Maybe when I get paid next week Ill purchase it.

I would love to join a gym but it doesn't work with my schedule. I work four ten hour days and so that really puts a damper on that idea.

How is everyone else doing? Are you loosing more weight then me? I sure hope so because I'm like a turtle trying to win a race.

I love you guys. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!!


Unknown said...

Rebekah...You need to give yourself some credit, girl! You're lost 50 lbs!!! That is HUGE! I lose weight slow- we're talking, I've lost 20 lbs since January. But I'm happy with that because I'm not setting a time frame for when I reach my goal. Keep going- you're doing AWESOME! Pat yourself on the back!

BeckyT said...

I totally agree. I am so with you. I have lost 66lbs and 4 clothes sizes since Mid Oct. I am still working and I still have a long way to go.

The point here is that we are winning, a loss is always a loss. I also see my clothes are smaller and I am going to be proudly showing my wedding pictures after I get married next weekend.

Annjeri said...

Your doing great sis. It just goes to show that they really mean what they say about scales. Scales should never be what we really focus on because the inches will always come off when we are eating healthier. Obviously your body is doing something in order for your cloths to fit better.
Zoomba sounds like so much fun. You should totally do it. ;-)

mak'n Changes said...

I had a dream last night that u, Annjeri, and I were all hanging out and we were all skinny.

Cassie said...

It is a slow battle but one well worth it! Give yourself credit - you are down 50lbs! That is awesome!

sarah said...

isn't it called Zumba ?

I'm happy right now because a) I realized on Friday that jeans that didn't fit a week ago actually DO!
and b) The stall I've been in for the last week and a half is OVER!! as of yesterday!! Weight loss is now at 32 pounds since July 20th.
and c) I *ALMOST* fit into a 3x (the arms are a bit too snug) top as well! YAY for going down a clothing size!!