Monday, May 17, 2010

Banana or Cheerios delema!

I'm standing in the kitchen tonight, feeling hungry, not wanting to grab that banana or those baby bell peppers. Instead I see the honey nut Cheerios, which were not intended for me to eat but for the children. My sensible mind tells me that I should grab the banana but my naughty mind tells me that I should have some honey nut cheerios. ARGH! Its such a mental game. My stomach doesn't know the difference between a banana or the cheerios. Eating one or the other would satisfy a growling tummy, but my mind would not be satisfied with the banana. So instead of grabbing the banana, I pour two handfuls of the cereal in my hand and eat it while standing in the kitchen. I'm thinking "I shouldn't be doing this but it tastes so good and it makes me feel so good. Stop now and it wont be to late. Stop it Stop IT STOP IT!" At about the third stop it and the third mouth full of cheerios I run to the garbage and spit them out half chewed up. Sigh!

You might say to me, "Its OK to have a little bit of the cheerios." But the truth is I had not done a very good of a job balancing my nutrition with the FOOT LONG sub I at at Subway today. The sub wasn't bad but the bread was. So because I ate all that sub, eating cheerios was not a wise decision.

I'm not giving up. I'm still trying. But its really really hard!


Anonymous said...

I understand completely. We know what we need to do but it is so hard to do.

Rebekah said...

Don't beat yourself up too much. You DID spit them out - even if it took a few minutes of battling. You'll get stronger. Keep pushing through!

All My Monkeys said...

Sometimes those choices are really hard. Sometimes we make the right choices, and sometimes we make the wrong choices. But the BIGGEST choice, in my humble opinion, is to not give up, to not beat ourselves up over our "bad choices", our failures, but instead to make a better choice next time, to choose to keep going.

I do South Beach, and the first 2 weeks have no bread/grain/fruit. But my body still wants something sweet. So I "cheated" a few times by having a strawberry. It could have been so much worse. But still, it was cheating, so rather than get down on myself, I just chose to let tomorrow be a better day.

One thing I've found to make all the difference.. drink lots of water. Refill bottles and take it with you. You'll be less tempted to buy a Diet Coke or whatever. I use a gatorade bottle. The plastic's thicker and it hold's about 1/2 of what you should drink (minimum) in a day.

Annjeri said...

I hear you on this sis. I have had these issues as well. I am so ready to get this excess weight off. It takes time, but worth the effort. Love you.

sarah said...

You are not bad because you ate the cheerios. You are not bad because you ate a foot long sub today.

Food is neither bad nor good, and we are neither good nor bad for eating it.

Perhaps you could have looked at the rec. serving size of the Cheerios, poured yourself a bowl, and then sat down and ate it slowly. Chewing slowly, putting the spoon down between bites, really concentrating on the flavor and the sensation of eating the Cheerios.

One thing I find really helpful in controlling portion sizes is the size of the cutlery & dishes. Buy baby spoons and the smallest bowls & plates you can find. It's all about tricking the mind to be satisfied with less (until you actually are!) and we are really wired to respond to size in relation to what we're satisfied with.