Saturday, May 29, 2010

MMMM Fajitas!

I finally tipped the scale this morning at 283.8. Its SOOOOO nice to see a different number for once. Here is my progress.     The webs free Weight Loss Diary

Ive noticed that I have what I call "multiple personality" when It comes to eating and being hungry. (this is a joke by the way, but it feels true sometimes) When I am not hungry I have a very clear mind. My goals are clear and I don't have a problem. If I wait to long to eat something switches in my brain and I start hearing voices. LOL These little voices say to me "If you order a veggie pizza then you will be OK. or Just eat that donut on the table. You have been doing so good. You deserve it." These urges are very hard to control. I have to FORCE myself to go into the kitchen and eat something good. When my belly is full, the urges go away and my thinking becomes clear again. Serious, sometimes if feels like the oxygen is being sucked out of my brain and all semblance of self-control is thrown out the window. LOL This is really hard guys!!!!

Yesterday I just wanted something yummy to eat. I had my fill of healthy stuff and I wanted some REAL food. Can anyone relate to that feeling? I decided that I wanted Fajitas!!! Here is how I did it....the low fat way!!
Cut up a large onion and about two bell peppers and start sauteing them in the pan. You can use any bell peppers you like. I prefer the colored ones to the green ones because they are sweet. Cook them down until they look like the third picture. Use any seasoning you like. I used the great value brand fajita seasoning. I also sprinkled a little dry garlic in it.

Its just me so I cooked one piece of chicken in my George Forman. Here is what it looked like done. I just used some dry black pepper and garlic seasoning on it.

To build your Fajita, I used corn tortilla vs flour tortilla because I could have more for my calories and it is less carbs. I used light sour cream and for this I used reduced fat cheese. You can use fat free cheese if you want but I was going to use an Ali pill, so I used reduced fat.

Here is the finished product. You could use salsa on it. It was delish. If your looking for a mouth watering meal with probably half the fat, try this recipe!!

Oh and don't forget your water!!