Sunday, June 10, 2018

Brightlineeating day 2

Day two is in the bag!!! I am still adjusting to this new way of eating but I actually love it. The truth is...when I'm out of control and eating everything I can get my hands on (usually on Friday cheat day) I do not feel happy. In fact I actually start feeling sick. It's so not worth it  I have been praying that Jesus would help me overcome this gluttony. It was really holding me back from my full potential that God created me to have.
I am so happy to be back ok in control.
I wanted to add that I am following the program but I am blurring my bright lines a little. I am still putting Carmel stevia in my coffee. This is not recommended and i know it but it's happening for now.
The good news is my weight is down four pounds from day one so something is working. This program is working for me. My meals are pictured below.

 Breakfast: 1 oz oats, one egg, one peach. I put PB2 in the oatmeal with cinnamon and cut out one egg.
 Lunch: 4 oz ground turkey with mrs. dash taco seasoning, butternut squash(six oz), one banana and one tbsp of peanut butter.
Dinner: 14 oz of greens and veggies, three oz of garbanzo beans with no added salt, lemon juice and tahini.