Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Brightline eating day 3 and 4

Here Is my weight for yesterday 185.7 and my weight for today 193.9 along with my food for yesterday. I am quite astonished at how the weight is falling off so quickly. That is over seven pounds in three days. I am going to keep it up and my goal is to blog each day for at least the first two weeks. 

One of the bright lines I am following (see previous posts for more info on bright line eating) is no snacks. You dont really realize how this will impact you until you CANT have snacks. Its no wonder I wasn't loosing weight. I would have a snack after breakfast and a snack after lunch and a snack before bed...snack snack snack. I actually feel hungry before a meal and I dont have any cravings right now except for coffee. I have not cut that out. I did stop using my powdered creamer for the first three days but this morning (day four) I did put a little in my coffee. This does blur my bright line a little because the powdered creamer has corn syrup proteins in it. Sigh!! Ill see how tomorrows number on the scale looks. That is the only line I have blurred so far. 

Well, day four has started. I really love breakfast because I get my one grain for the day.