Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weight loss can be a lonely journey.

I recorded this video last night on my way to the gym. I felt very lonely and on my own on this journey to get healthy. Sometimes it feels like everybody else in the world is having fun and I'm always restricted. Here's my thoughts on that check out my video.http://youtu.be/W8DngQ3Fhd0


birthmothertalks said...

I can relate to you on this one somewhat.. I have one friend from the YMCA that works on weight loss. She is part of my group online. We have never really hung out other than for running together or fitness so I call her my Y buddy. Can you try to make a friend at your gym? All my other friends not that I have tons are not working on weight loss so sometimes I push off seeing them cause I know hanging out with friends means going out to eat. It's not their fault.. just how people roll. When it comes to parties and such. I usually just choose to enjoy myself and eat. This is a life journey and there will be moemnts where I can't count and don't always want to restrict myself. It just means that maybe it will take me longer to get to goal. I do try to limit these events.

All My Monkeys said...

In this season of valentines candy and Girl Scout cookies, I totally feel you. Plus, I live in MN where the high today was 6 degrees, I think, and a nice cold salad has absolutely no appeal whatsoever. A lovely creamy wild rice soup with fresh warm bread, or some cheesy warm enchiladas sounds fabulous. Instead, I have roasted broccoli (which is delicious, but not the same).