Sunday, February 15, 2015

A topic of conversation.

A topic I would love to discuss: since my weight came to a stand still for over a year, despite me exercising six days a week and eating clean foods 90% of the time, I started trying to change things up and investigate the reasons why my weight plateaued. 
What I discovered was that I needed to eat more and from what I was reading I needed to strength train, and as I read further I was told that cardio was the worst way to burn fat. Ok seriously, I burned 133 pounds of fat with ONLY cardio so why am I being told that cardio is the worst and most ineffective way to burn fat?? This makes no sense to me and actually enrages me that the firness community would discourage people from actually getting up off there butts and doing something, even if it's "ineffective" cardio. Most people just sit on the couch and eat. At least we are doing something and if you look at my history, I lost 133 pounds doing Zumba!! I'm just frustrated. Any thoughts?


birthmothertalks said...

I was thinking on the way home after I read this on facebook.. in between losing the majority of your weight loss and the most recent was the quick diet that you did with the drops. I wonder if it has or had anything to do with your struggles right now? Do know anyone else that used it and continued to lose weight on their own?

All My Monkeys said...

Well, I think sitting on the couch eating ice cream would be the worst way to burn fat. lol. All joking aside, I thing that "worst way" may not be the best way to describe cardio, because clearly it contributes to weight loss among it's benefits. Maybe there are other **more efficient** ways to burn fat, or ways that help burn it faster, but as long as you're burning fat, is there really a worst way?!?!?!?! :D But I know that muscle burns fat, so by weight training and building/toning muscles, they work better to burn fat faster than if you had not done weights. But you can still get cardio effects out of weight training. So don't get too enraged. You're doing great. Just make sure you're getting enough protein (food + supplements) so that you are not losing muscle vs fat.