Friday, August 1, 2014

Phase 2 Day 1 Omnitrition


All My Monkeys said...

You can do it!! :D
I have done an "extreme" type diet program and one of the tips they gave us for dealing with headaches is to put sea salt on your tongue. Or you can put it on your veggies, but you need 1/2 a tsp per day, and you can have more if you're still getting a headache. If you feel you're having a caffeine headache, though, try a stronger caffeinated tea.

I agree about the water. That's a lot and it's hard to drink but it does get easier as your body gets used to it. The peeing, though. :/

Another thing I totally relate to and feel is something that is not often addressed or addressed enough is the emotional stuff that got you there to begin with. As something to complement that part of your diet, you might check out a book called "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkherst. (I think that's how you spell it. lol) Really great book. Not super long but has lots of things to relate to, scriptures that you can post around that are quite encouraging and she has lots of relateable little stories. Plus devotional type questions that really are key to getting you thinking about stuff. I've actually read it 3 times I liked it so much. And I'd read it again in a heartbeat.

Keep going. You're motivating me. I think getting started, and being mentally prepared, really is just about the hardest part.

Rebekah said...

Thank you so much. I have to admit that the emotional stuff is truly the hardest part for me. The next time I'm at the library I will look for that book. Thank you. I'm hoping today does not bring me a headache. The good news is I woke up this morning with a four pound weight loss. That's so rewarding. It's so good to hear from you. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You are killing your metabolism by eating only 500 calories a day. You need to worry about more than just weight loss and think about doing what is healthy for your body. Drops and pills and things like that are just gimmicks to suck you in. You need to eat in a way that is healthy but is also conducive to weight loss, and that can be maintained as a lifestyle. You need to check out Best diet I have ever done. They teach you how to fuel your body in a way that allows you to lose weight but also be very satisfied.

Unknown said...

oh yah.... I've heard about that "made to crave" book..... I've been wanting to read that.