Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 pounds lost in five days!!


Unknown said...

YAY!!! Im so bugged... my internet runs sloooooow so I have been unable to watch your latest vlog...... Many blessings on your journey cousin! May you see every result you are looking for and may your insides continue to heal just as quickly as your outsides. Love you cousin blessings in Jesus Name!

Unknown said...

Your doing great!!!! This program is designed to reset the Hypothalamus and teach clean eating apposed to the other option. With the nutritional foundation along with the program protocols your body is consuming over 3000 calories and is not starving, it goes into ketosis ~ I have been off program for 3 months now and have maintained and feel healthy and energized and my metabolism is revved up and prepares me for my work outs and daily life!!! I am glad I took my dr's advice!