Saturday, January 1, 2011


Loosing weight seem to be the only thing I have control over these days. Its the only thing I seem to be good at. I'm soaking it in!!

On top of buying myself boots....I broke down and purchased the Zomba work out Cd's. I have not received them yet but I'm excited.

Check out my stats below.

Also, thank you all for the fun encouraging comments. I'm so glad Ive put myself out there and that those of you who are trying to loose weight can be encouraged by my successes and comforted that your not alone by my downfalls. It sure didn't take much effort to get HUGE. I'm really paying the price for that....but I'm really starting to feel the results now and it feels so good.

Sarah...I did try on some 18's. It depends on the jean...some fit (tightly) and some I can not get buttoned. Most of the ones that fit are the hip hugger type jeans. The ones that don't fit are the ones that button up by my belly button which I HATE anyway. I'm LOVING the hip hugger jeans.

Marsha....I'm so glad you found my blog. I'm going to make my way over to your blog soon. (wink)

Ive decided (if the money is there) that my next reward will be a cowboy hat. Silly I know....but I want one and I figure after loosing 100 pounds I will DESERVE it.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Lets bring in the new year with happiness and joy...and mostly SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY!!!!!

December 31st

January 1st

November 3rd 2010
Wrist/7 in
Upper arm/15 in
Calves/18 in
Bust/48.5 in

January 1st 2011
Upper Arm/16



Ok, it is the New Year and I am trying to start it out right. I also have weight to lose and have gained too much this last year. Your an inspiration! You have done so well. Can you share what a typical day of food looks like for you? Thanks for being so candid.

Marsha said...

Rebekah - you are so courageous to post your weight, I couldn't do it. I would love to be an email weight loss buddy though so if you are interested email me at

How in the heck does one lose a pound on New Year's eve, LOL! I tossed all the holiday leftovers this am - too much temptation and my DH doesn't need them either.

Happy New Year and may we both reach our goals in 2011!

Anonymous said...

Gawd!!!! You're doing amazing!!!! Im so happy for you!

love you

Annjeri said...

Wow, you are doing great sis. Keep up the great work!