Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day two

It's late and it's been a hard day. I was going to type an update but I think I have a headache from NO carbs. Haha!! I did a video instead. It's actually two videos because the first one cut off.


All My Monkeys said...

Hey. Don't be discouraged because all this blah-ness is your body adjusting. So it's a good sign. As for the headache, make sure you are eating one teaspoon of salt. Even go so far as to sprinkle it on your tongue. I did a program at the beginning of the year and this was one of the things they told us to do, and especially if you're having headaches. So try that. Also if you'r drinking a lot of water you need the sodium to be able to absorb it. Weird, but it works.

birthmothertalks said...

Sounds like you are not comfortable in your own skin. Do you take many pictures of yourself along the way and compare them to the heavier ones. If not. I suggest that you do that. Good luck for day 3 and congrats on those 5 lbs.

Unknown said...

I am just so so so so proud of the woman that you are sweet cousin! My heart was aching with yours when I watched, I could feel your pain. I wrote this on your youtube page and i'll write it here too. In all of your self sacrificing and practicing self control dont forget the scripture says, "its not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord" so this proves that Jesus wants to be a part of our journey,,, as hard as you are trying to get healthy physically, dont forget to get a healthy spirit in the Lord as well, after all, when we stand before the Lord He is not going to ask you how muc weigt you lost in life, He is going to ask you what you did for Him. So strengthen you spirit along with you physical body so that Jesus is pleased with you. I love you so much becky, you just dont know. I hold you in a very special place in my heart. I love you forever.