Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Up Up Up

Im actually up two pounds. I think thats because I am addicted to weighing myself every day. I do know that my jeans are getting loose again so I am looking to downsize again soon. YIPPEE!! Last night my son turned five...I took three bites of cake...chewed them up...and spit them out. LOL I have a habit of doing that so that at least I get the sweet taste in my mouth but don't consume the calories. I'm so weird!!!!

Overall I am feeling very munchy lately and having a hard time staying out of snack foods like crackers and cookies. I can generally NOT eat them but my brain is playing tricks on me lately. I need to get my will power back. I'm not liking this stage. Its almost like my body has been deprived and its screaming for more...although I'm not starving myself. I think its a mental thing. Mind over matter is what I keep telling myself. Of course to combat it I chug the chocolate coffee. Not a great alternative but I REFUSE to gain all that weight back. It feels to good to be smaller.


Rebekah said...

Don't get down on yourself - you're doing GREAT! Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

oh.. happy birthday skye!!!!!!! you're gonna be down smaller than me soon....woo hoo!

Melrose said...

try making your own smoothies. Take a banana (frozen) some skim or coconut milk (cold) and some unsweetened hershey's syrup and blend them together for a sweet chocolatey treat.

If you google "grain free sugar free) there are some AMAZING blogs out there with amazing recipes that won't destroy your diet.