Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I started a new YouTube channel. The purpose of it is to tell the story of my autistic sons short life so far and to get help love and support from the YouTube community. It's a really hard life right now learning how to deal with his special needs and also what direction to go with his treatment. Would anyone be interested in subscribing and spreading the word about my channel? I had a hard time finding much information on exactly what to do regarding his care and I am hoping I can help others with what I have learned so far and also maybe get help from others that are farther along than me. If you are interested you can find me on YouTube under Rebekah Bancroft. I believe I have two channels but Skylers channel will have his picture on it.  Let me know if you can't find me. 



Anonymous said...

no offense but if you are looking for support in the youtube community, you are looking in the wrong place - there are no other worse commenting places than there.