Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I feel like every time I blog I start out with "Its been so long!" LOL
I didn't want to start out that way this time. So many things have changed and I wanted to catch up and hopefully start blogging more often.
Where to start? My life is completely different now. Ill share the personal side of it first. I am getting married in 22 days. I'm really really happy about where my life is right now. I feel like I have finally come to a place where I am content and "home," so to speak. I do have a few final goals that I want to meet with my weight loss but I will cover that later. My fiance's name is Trevor. He is wonderful. When I look back at my life I can see how God was preparing me for him all along. All the really hard and horrible trials I have gone through only shaped me into who I am today. He is exactly who I was looking and waiting for. I cant wait to start my life with him. 
We are not having a wedding per say. Neither one of us want the mess of going through all the ceremonial stuff. On the 20th of February we will head down the the justice of the peace with a few people that want to come and we will say our vows. It will be simple and sweet. In the meantime, I am really love being engaged to this wonderful man. We did register just for the fun of it. I actually didn't think you could do that if you were not having a full blown wedding but I was wrong. It was so much fun to shop and pick out the things we both liked and could use together. It really is the happiest time of my life. 
In more challenging news Skyler is not doing as well as we would like. I have always known that he was different then all the other kids but he was little and I wasn't sure where to go or turn for help. Also I worked all the time and I just didn't have time for doctors appointments and testings that would need done. I don't have to work now so I am focusing on getting him tested in all areas to find out what is different about him. I am pretty sure he has Autism or a very high functioning form of it. I am trying to adjust to the fact that I have a special needs child. Trevor is wonderful with him and so patient and loving. So Ill update more on that as I know more. The doctors that specialize in this are booked out for months. It will take time. 
On the weight loss front...I am sitting right now at 190.4. I have only lost about six pounds since my surgery in May. So so sad...haha!! I have not been concentrating on it as much but I am proud that I haven't actually gained weight. 
Yesterday I started a new program called The South Beach Diet. I'm sure everyone has heard of it. I only have about 40 pounds left to loose but its the hardest damn 40 pounds to loose EVER!!! I was so so frustrated that I could eat so well and not loose any weight. I decided I needed to change something up and I liked the plan and decided to try it. Today is day two and I'm feeling very shaky. I am pretty sure its because I drank coffee and that is actually not on the plan. I didn't want to fail and coffee is really important to me so I kept it. I do think I will go and get some decaf so that the shakiness goes away. Other then that the diet is pretty easy and very similar to what I have been doing the past (almost) three years. What I miss most is my toast and jelly in the morning! I didn't know how important that was to me. The good part is I can reincorporate the toast in the third week so this is just temporary. 

I'm so excited to start loosing weight again. I want to FINISH this journey I started. I'm ready to be in "maintenance" mode. 

I posted my measurements below. Last time I measured was in April and since I have not lost much weight the numbers have not changed much. 

The picture above is me and Trevor. Isn't he handsome?
I miss all your wonderful comments. I am hoping that they will come again and motivate me to finish what I have started here.
April 2012
Buttock:  47.5
Waist:  38.5
Upper arm:13.5
Calf: 17.5
Bust:  40.5
Buttock: 47
Waste: 38
upper arm: 14
Bust: 39.5
Calf: 17.5


J said...

Congratulations...you two compliment each other well, simply beautiful!

birthmothertalks said...

Congrats!! You guys look great together!! Oh and thanks for the suggestion of MFP. I am down almost 50 lbs which was a goal I set that I thought I could do without getting overwhemled. I wouldn't be sitting here feeling better and looking better had you not mentioned the website.

Marsha said...

Congratulations Rebekah! You are right, Trevor is handsome :) Good luck with your continued wt loss and also with getting help for Skylar.

All My Monkeys said...

Hey! So happy to see a post, and with some wonderful news. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. How exciting, even without all the fanfare. It's still special.

I have loved SB diet, have done it many times. I base all my healthy eating agenda's on SB formula. It's sensible and realistic. And... doesn't count calories. I would hate that. Starting tomorrow I'm jumping into an "official" weight loss plan (Ideal Protein) which will offer the coaching, accountability and encouragement that I lack when doing something on my own. I think you can have coffee on SB, and I totally miss/will miss toast in the morning too. Good luck to you. Looking forward to more blog posts. :)

All My Monkeys said...

Oh, and you look fantastic, and YES he's very handsome. ;)

Deanna said...


Misty said...

woooohooo sooo excited to see u back and u look beautiful as ever and your hubby to be is handsome too :) about your son my oldest has high functioning asbergers. i would love to talk with ya if u need to. congrats again and cant wait to read more

Anonymous said...

love it when yiou blog!!!! yay!!!!


Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are doing so well. I am glad you are seeking help for Skyler. I hope your other children are doing well. I miss reading your cousin Cindie's blog. I hope she is doing well with her two swrt boys and has hopefully had her sweet bsby girl. Congrats to you Rebekah!