Thursday, March 22, 2012

Totally random

So I'm still at it. I had an OB appointment yesterday and according to their records Ive lost 38 pounds in the last year. At first I was very disappointed in that number....a whole year and only 38 pounds???? I expected more...but then I divided it by twelve and its about a three pound loss per month. According to my research that is actually healthy. So after much thought, I'm kinda proud.

The picture above is me this week at work. Its quite a reality check when you see yourself in a full body picture. I have short legs and big thighs. LOL But HELL....I used to be in a size 28 and now I'm a 13/14. There is something to be said about that.

I bought a treadmill with my taxes. It was the best 700 dollars Ive ever spent. I love it. My total gym is collecting dust as I have one more payment on it until its paid off. Why do some things work for me and others don't? I tried to sell my Zumba but couldn't so I loaned it to my sister. I cant quite give it away since it was the key to my success for so long.....not to mention how much fun it is.

My son talked me into another dog today.....uggggg!!! We will get little Mocha on Sunday. She is a five year old mini cocker spaniel. Quite the little cutie. We will see if I loose my mind over this decision.

In odd OB appointment confirmed that my uterus is the size of a ten week pregnancy....and no I am not pregnant. I will have an ultrasound in a week to confirm its fibroids....but the bottom line is Ill probably have a hysterectomy within the next two years. That's fine with me....I don't need or want to have any more babies.

Also, when I was at the doctors they took my height. Now all these years I have been telling people I was 5'6.....only to find out that my short legs only bring me to 5'4. LOL I wonder who got it wrong???? Or did I shrink? I'm only 36.

My daughter is turning sixteen without me in a few weeks. My birth son is becoming a brother as we speak, and I'm trying hard enjoy all of this from very far away. Sometimes I just need some whisky (Jack Daniels Honey Whisky FOR SURE LOL).


Marsha said...

Rebekah, I think you look fantastic. You have come so far in your wt loss journey and we all seem to need a short break from all the boredom of dieting from time to time. I had a long winter myself and even put on 5 lbs but with spring weather it will be so much easier to get exercise and motivation to wear shorts again.

I am sorry that you are missing your daughter on such a milestone birthday - Hugs to you.

All My Monkeys said...

Girl, you need to compare your "Now" pictures to your "Then" pictures for some perspective. You look great. And you SHOULD be proud. You have accomplished a lot, despite life circumstances that could have brought you down. Stay strong, depend on Him to lead you, and... enjoy your new puppy. lol

Anonymous said...

HOLY FREAKING MOLY BATMAN!!! amazing picture bek! man oh man you look wonderful!!! Im so happy for you. crazy about the fybroid thing.... is that common on your moms side? 5'4? seriously? havent we always been the same height? Im 5'7 1/2 and I swear you've not been that much shorter than me? Maybe stress from the kids shrunk you? ha ha... well I love you,, I love that haircut,, and I think you look fabulous!!!

love you cousin