Monday, January 30, 2012

This blog...

I really think that posting on this blog is going to help me be a little more accountable and also your comments and knowing people are in this with me helps so Im going to try and get on here more. I also need to start posting more because its fun LOL...and two because it shows me how I look right now.

I am really bad at commenting back when people ask questions so Im going to try and be better at that. Annalisa201 asked me about my boyfriend, and Chuck. LOL Annalisa, no my boyfriend is not the one who wants a "skinny" women and will pay me 500 dollars when I get to 150; however, he still texts me and asks how much I weigh and If I still have a boyfriend. LOL Funny guy! Yes, I still use the total gym but not very often. I dont know why some things take and some things dont. Zumba was my best friend for so long but now I cant get back into it. I hope the treadmill takes like the Zumba did. I still have the Zumba if you wanted to buy it. It cost 100 (with shipping) but Id let it go for 55.

mommabear asked if 30 minutes of Zumba was good enough? Yes!!!!! Of course it is but most of the Zumba CD's are longer then 30 minutes. Actually, I have learned that you really only need 20-30 minutes of cardio for it to be effective...and most of the Zumba CD's were about 50 minutes (THATS FIFTY MINUTES OF PURE FUN THOUGH!!!!)

A few asked about my boyfriend. He is wonderful. He could really care less if I lost weight. He likes me just the way I am. Also....we have been dating for about seven months now and we are exclusive. WHOOP WHOOP!!

A few people have mentioned how frustrated you have been and how hard it is to work so hard at eating right and exercising and not see the scale move. Some people say not to weigh yourself every day, but I cant help motivates me and it also reassures me that the scale isn't going UP!!!!

They have a new diet out called the HCG diet. It used to be where you could only get it through a doctor but now they sale it in....WALMART!!!! LOL Anyway, I was standing in line at the Walmart check out line and there was a fairly large looking couple behind me and they saw the HCG pills and started commenting on it. I could hear the lady telling the man that it was a GREAT diet and in literally melts your fat away. I nearly busted out laughing. Normally I dont say anything but this time I had to. Here is how the conversation went....

Me: So you heard that the HCG pills work hugh?

Lady: Oh yes, it melt your fat.

Me: Wow! So, do you know if it makes you follow a diet or do the pills do all the work?

Lady: Oh HAVE to follow the diet and use the pills. I haven't actually tried them myself but I have a friend that does.

Me: Do you think that you could loose weight by just following the diet and not taking the pills?

Lady: (she laughs out loud) Yes, you are probably right.

I told her that I had lost 122 pounds and to not waste her money because there was no magic pill. Only hard work and perseverance will get you to a healthy weight. I am just so shocked about how many money maker diet pills there are out there. Its astounding and sad.

Thanks for your encouragment ladies. You modivate me. One more quetion, does anyone else have a "night eating" habit? If so do you have any suggestions on how NOT to eat in the middle of the night?


Deanna said...

HCG diet advocates make me CRAZY! I mean, you're eating FIVE HUNDRED calories a day. Of course you're losing weight!


All My Monkeys said...

Gosh, 500 cals? That's not even healthy. Think of what havoc that's wreaking on your metabolism. SHeesh.

Yep, lotsa hard work and good choices. I have to remember to have "cheat" treats. I just haven't figured out how to do it. I did think about your chew and spit it out trick though. But not how sure that would go at a church potluck. LOL