Monday, January 30, 2012

Fed up

I am so fed up with not loosing any weight. I'm very disappointed in myself. I'm at the same weight and to be honest I think I'm a few pounds up. I'm still under 200 but I should be way farther along then I am. Its time to go back to basics. Today I will take my notebook to work and start logging every bite taste and meal. I'm also waiting on my tax return because Im going to buy a treadmill. I don't think I can go back to Zoomba although I loved it for so doesn't fit into my busy lifestyle anymore. A treadmill will give me a good 30 minute work out before work and Ill be good to go. The total gym is amazing as well because (again) its a quick work out.
(Id love to sell my zumba if someone is interested)
So, its good that I'm fed up. I still have been pretty good with my eating but I again am struggling with eating in the middle of the night and unfortunately Ive gotten lazy and instead of making a healthy meal, Ill eat a bowl of cereal (I would have NEVER done that before).

Anyway, I'm headed to work but I know Ive been absent from this blog and you sweet ladies have been checking on me. I really need motivation. I need to get started again.....Its really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ill be back.


All My Monkeys said...

Ugh. Yeah. So feel ya, and I've only been at it for a very short time. TOday is day 23 of a 24 day challenge and I'm discouraged. I weighed myself yesterday after a week of right eating and working out and didn't lose a lb. When I took my measurements, not much movement there either. I feel like things are fitting differently, but why isn't there any numbers proof? Why do I NEED numbers proof? Ugh. Hate it. Feeling discouraged. And it's not like I only need to lose a few pounds, I need to lose a 3rd grade child or so. Maybe I need to bust out a notebook too, just to see if there's room for improvement I'm not seeing.

I might be interested in the Zumba, but I'll let you know in a week or two if you don't have any takers, and after I've tried the one our from the library when I get it. (Got a price???)

Well, hope your batteries get recharged. You've been an inspiration (even in your current struggle). So thanks!

Brenna said...

I feel you on the fed up. I am not only not going down- I have gone up. Up 7 lbs! And it seems like I cannot find that "place" where I was before when I was losing! So frustrating!

Anonymous said...
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