Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny thing to remember!!

About 10 months ago I was at work (I work at a daycare center) and I was helping a class of four year olds out the door to the playground when I noticed a little girl pulling at my shirt.

"What do you need sweetie?" I asked

"Ms. Rebekah, I have a fat mommy too!!!" she responded to my question

With that she ran out the door with her class leaving me with my mouth gaping open in shock. There were two or three teachers standing around that heard every bit of it. I was so embarrassed. I know I shouldn't have been, after all she was four and kids are just naturally honest. After I thought about it, she was only comparing me to her very much loved mother so I should have been honored, but It just drove me to loose weight harder.

Kids say the darnedest things.


Anonymous said...

I remember you telling that story when it happened... silly kids.... hows things with you? hows the fam?

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

:) Love you