Friday, April 1, 2011

Weight loss overnight!!

Yesterday I knew something was happening. I felt these weird sensations of my stomach caving in. I know that sounds weird but its normal for me. I can actually feel my body loosing weight. Sure enough, this morning I woke up to a HUGE weight loss.

My work out was a little later last night then usual. I didn't get done until just after ten so. Because I did it so late for some reason I was really really hungry when I went to bed and even hungrier when I woke up. I'm not sure why I was so hungry because I had a big dinner which consisted of a whole breast of BBQ chicken pees and corn and a little bit of mac and cheese. I don't usually eat mac and cheese but it looked so good so I at a heaping spoonful of it. So the extreme hunger is unexplainable to me.

Whatever my body is doing is fine with me because its working. I contribute all of it to the exercise though because I eat my grape jelly toast about twice a day. Probably I shouldn't do that but it does keep me from eating other things I shouldn't and I truly love it for some reason. (that and my chocolate coffee)

So as of today that's a 94.4 weight loss in total. I have 5.6 pounds before I hit my 100 weight loss goal. What should I do to celebrate? I really want a tattoo (a small one) but we will see if that pans out.

My Zumba videos were getting old for awhile there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I got tired of them. I decided to take a different approach on them...instead of getting board with them I decided to make them my friend. Yes I do the same videos all the time but I just let that go and decided that I HAD to do them even if I got bored of them because they work. Ive switched it up a little and about once a week instead of Zumba Ill ride the stationary bike. The other night I rode four miles which is HUGE for me.

I'm so proud of myself. I'm so close to being out of the 200's. I wonder if Ill make it into those new jeans before I go to Rebekah's house? We will see!!!!


Need to Get ME Back said...

Damn you are doing awesome!! And that does sound weird... I wish I could feel myself losing weight!

Mommy Minded said...


Unknown said...

You are a rockstar and inspiring. I have started my weightloss journey this past week and so far am 8 pounds lighter. I have stopped eating a lot of carbs and have started drinking a ton of water. I am sure that my initial weightloss is water weight but just seeing the numbers on the scale going the opposite direction for once makes me want to continue. I have been doing Zumba at the YMCA and really liking that as well.
Keep up the good work!

Renia Flaishans said...

WAY TO GO!!! And I say get a tattoo if you can. I have 5 and love them.

Renia Flaishans said...

Just stopping by to check in and see how you are doing :)