Saturday, October 23, 2010


My birthday fell on the 19th. I told everyone that I wouldn't eat cake. Instead we had strawberry shortcake with angel food cake. It was yummy. I still ended up eating to much for my birthday. I made my home made sloppy joes and had a regular hamburger bun with it. I didn't sweat it to much. I did cry the day before my birthday because I had anxiety about gaining weight. I was also going through some pretty stressful stuff with my kids so I think that added to my emotions. All in all, I would probably be down a few more pounds but I did let myself enjoy the food a little more then normal on my birthday. It could have been worse. I think at one point this month I was actually at 255.7 but clearly I am not now. Regardless, I am happy that I am still in the 250's and we will just go with that.

I hope to have a more interesting and fun blog posting soon. Maybe its time for some measurements and pictures.


mak'n Changes said...

Good job for dropping and maintaining. I soooooo understand stressful eating.
Love you cousin