Friday, July 2, 2010

Why do I do that?

Yesterday I did not feel well. I think all the stress Id been going through gave me a stomach ache. I tried everything to get my stomach to settle down but to no avail. Finally at dinner time I poured a big bowl of Life cereal in milk hoping it would settle my stomach. I ate about three bites and then threw it out because I couldn't get past the thought of all the carbs and fat going into my body. LOL Such a waste I know.

Later that night I woke up at about midnight and went to the kitchen. Skyler had a left over pop tart (which I consumed) and then I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich (which I consumed) and a glass of milk. GRRRRRR!! I have pretty much conquered my night eating habit but sometimes If I don't eat a good dinner I find myself eating at night.

I will not weigh myself today because for sure I will see the numbers go up instead of down. Today is a new day!! NO MORE NIGHT EATING!


birthmom1986 said...

Rebekah, I have been a quiet follower of you and Rebekah's blogs. I just want to say that I'm a birthmom in reunion and I have been reunited with my daughter for five years. She is 24 now.

I too carried a lot of weight, mentally and physically. I have seen the scale creep up lately.

But I really just want to say that I think that you are a phenomenal woman.

Annjeri said...

I hear ya sis. But your right, today is a new day.

birthmothertalks said...

I am sorry that so much is going on right now. I am too out of work. However, they did throw me a ten hour shift last night. Woo hoo, I can eat now. I applied for unemployment and actually got it. They say that business is slow but I think it's more personal. The news letter says that no one can ask for anymore time off in July. Hello.. give me some of those hours. I do find that I can focus more on working out and eating right if I am not working. Don't get too down on yourself. I tried really hard to get to that goal I set on your blog and I made it. Today, I weighed in at 279. Thanks for the encouragement that I get from reading your blog.

Florida Food Snob said...

I shouldn’t say this..but I want to eat your sandwich off of the screen! I'm a peanut butter junkie! And the toast in the middle thing - EPIC!